Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Weeks-Day 11

The Party.
Monkey wanted to have a Valentine's Day PARTY at our house. That's all he wanted he said, "A party at my house with my friends." Umm, okay. So, we re-arranged out weekly DATT (dinner at the Tibbetts)Group to be at the Dunbar's, so Monkey could have his Party.

I made cupcakes and put out snacks. (Mainly chips and dip in Heart shaped bowls.) No pictures.

While I was taking pictures of the cupcakes, Bogie was at the table saying, "Cheese!"
Okay, Bogie, I'll take your picture, too.
And no, he does not have front bottom teeth.
 I put out some art supplies(markers, stickers, glue sticks, Valentine's paper, funny scissors, etc.) for the kids to make Valentines Cards, or bookmarkers, or pictures.
 The girls took to the art supplies and got right to work.
The boys, not so much, they decided to play ping pong or swords in Monkey's room.
The dad's gabbed in the kitchen.
The Mom's chatted in the living room.
And then we ended the night with eating all of those cupcakes and exchanging Valentines.

A lovely, simple, evening shared with good friends.

Are you planning a Valentine's evening? Fun or Romantic?

~mrs. dunbar


jen@odbt said...

Those are my favorite kinds of evenings. I love how everyone found their spot and those cupcakes...look so good. You did a great job decorating. We usually celebrate Valentines with a favorite dish and then a cake.

tibbetts fam said...

Good times... good times!

Amanda said...

so cute!

cathy said...

Your photos are exceptional! Love Mrs. C's husband's Dunder Miflin shirt. Love how spontaneous your party was! {that photo of your baby watching the little girl (is that little Mrs. C?) is priceless--those intense toddler stares---I miss them!}

On the Bright Side said...

That smiling baby couldn't be cuter! What a nice valentines party! :)

feather said...

i love the cupcakes. i'm, like, drooling. they are gorgeous.
love love love!

Just Jenn said...

"Sweet Post" ;) love the pics... I love posts with pics! My little girl and I are hosting a week little sewing Valentines day sleepover... five 9 year old girls are going to sew little pocket sized heart 'pillows' for a Childrens hospital charity - the grieving center gives them away to grieving families/kids. Can't think of a 'sweeter' thing to do with my little girl on a day about love! I will post about it ... the day after I guess! ;)
Just Jenn~

Bill said...

Tell Monkey "Thanks for the party, it was a good idea", and Thank you Mrs. D for putting it on. Had a good time.

Mrs. C... said...

Good party my friend. Thanks Monkey for starting the idea. You were a very good Mom for agreeing to such an idea. THat is the type of Mom I am asspiring to be! Good times.