Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Weeks-Day 6

The treat.
Raspberry Swizzle.

(the inspiring picture)
As a special treat I made the guys Raspberry Swizzle from the Farm Chicks. Only I didn't re-read the directions before making mine. Not a good thing to do. I was supposed to heat the raspberries and I left mine frozen. I told Mr. Dunbar, mine doesn't look as pretty as theirs. Um, duh! If I had read the directions... ah, well. Such is life.
It's the thought that counted, right? 

When I pulled out the ingredients, including a bottle of sparkling cider. Monkey looked at Bogie and said, "Cool, we get to drink beer!"

And one more little snippet of my house. This is a dresser I had to put in my mudroom for more storage. But since it leads to my kitchen and I look at it all of the time, I gussied it up a bit. That window up there is where my heart for Mr. Dunbar was drawn a few days ago.

PS: The bows have now been re-done to match eachother. Was that bugging you as much as it was bugging me?

Are you going to go make a Swizzle now?
They were still pretty dee-lish even if I didn't follow the instructions.

~Mrs. Dunbar


On the Bright Side said...

Yummy! I think my husband would looove it! And I didn't notice the bows until I read your comment. :)

Ashley said...

oh yummy!! I will try this for my girls!:)

Mrs. C... said...

Oh it all looks yummy especially in your Target Valentine cups. NO wonder Monkey wants a Valentine party at his house ~ DUH!!!! He wants to love on others, because he is getting a good dose of love!

Cathy said...

Oh yummy! I have the Farmchicks book so will make those soon! I have the Target ILOVEU cup (gave to our youngest with the bowl for one of his First Communion goodies) and I also have the "22" cup from Anthro. Great brains think alike :)

Amy said...

Hello...I love your blog! I got here through Life in the Hass House, but I also know Tawny, Alison Spatz, and went to college with your husband. I look at your blog all the time, but I didn't want you to think I was some wierdo :) I love all of your ideas for February! You take such cute pictures of your little ones!

patty said...

it still looks delish, even if not heated first! and i love that all 3 guys were wearing green, and that green matched the green straw and spoon handle... great photos!

Martha said...

It looks super yummy!!!! Your photos are great too!!!

Anonymous said...

i am loving this idea! so much that i am going to join in! if thats ok! thanks for sharing such wonderful and loving ideas! xo

Kristi said...

It doesn't matter what it looks like if it tastes yummy!! Those look delish, I'm gonna have to go over there and grab the recipe! And for the record, yours looked very pretty!

Cute pics of your kids, that's so funny that they thought they got to drink beer. Kids crack me up!

Adam Villaneda said...

Nice... you know reading directions always helps out for some reason... Ask Erica about her brownies!

Lori said...

That picture of the dresser looks like it's out of a magazine! You have a gift with decorating. Can I send you pictures of my mantle? Bet you'd have some fun ideas. :)

Just Jenn said...

Yummy! I love love the Farm Chicks! ;)
ok... I have been 'stalking' you for 2 weeks now? and forgot to become a follower!! I can be so blond sometimes! ... the deed is done!
I love your blog!
Just JEnn~