Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cold, again

Well now, its been a few days.  We’re nursing a cold here again.  This is the position Popeye and I have been in for the past 30 hours.

(Notice how the sleeper is too small, he’s moved into 9-month clothes.) May 153 May 164

We tried propping his mattress up.

May 166

May 165

But it didn’t really work.

He’s been battling a stuffy nose, mucus in his throat, and now crusty eyes.   May 172

Poor thing just doesn’t feel good, but he still keeps a good spirit. May 184May 174

I tried to catch a real smile by lowering the camera. Did you know he’s got dimples? 

Three of them.

He was showing them to me as long as the big black camera was no where to be seen.May 175 But then he discovered the camera again. May 178

And this too, shall pass.

I need a nap.

And a margarita.

Okay, not really, I'll take a Medori sour.

Yup, that’s what I need.

But then again… its not really about me right now, is it?

~mrs. dunbar


Anonymous said...

He sure is cute!! I hope he feels better soon. It doesn't take much to get those little noses plugged up. Got the humidifier going?

Lori said...

that is the worst! hope you can both get a bit of sleep tonight

Nicolle said...

I need a nap, a good night's sleep, and 2 margaritas! Boyd being 3 years old is HARD! I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

Colds and stuffy noses are the worst for babies, they just can't sleep. I feel your pain. I hope he is better soon. He sure is a cutie pie! :)

Mrs. C... said...

Call me when you can go out. So much drama this week, I would trade you in an instant. WE both need a Madori Sour - make it a double! Hugs to you!!! Mwah.

Ali said...

Poor baby and mama. Colds are terrible, expecially with the little ones. Hope he is feeling better QUICK so that you can get some sleep!!

{cindy} said...

I can so relate, we dealt with our fair share of sleep interrupting stuffy noses. A humidifier helped us quite a bit.
hope he is sleeping like a champ again real soon and that mama gets that margarita!
Have a happy day

Brooke said...

Awww.... poor little Bubba! I hope he is on the mend soon.... and you get that margarita! ;D Hugs to you Friend!

Ashley said...

He is too cute..even with a cold!

The Loyal Mortgage Guy said...

Yes it is!



MEDORI SOUR..... in lets just say

5 years. lol

ps its erica.

Unknown said...

praying for your little biscuit. Potter J. just got home after 3 days in the hospital with Para-Influenza........yucky stuff.

You have gorgeous boys! Just thought you should know!!

Seizing My Day said...

oh my goodness... look at baby grow!! I have been slowly inching my way back into blogging... I took a break and haven't been able to get into the swing... for weeeks!! yikes! look what I miss!! I hope he feels better soon... nothing worse than a sick baby... so hard !

Megan said...

Hope by now your little man is better and you have had at least one margarita by now!

Cathy said...

oh i hated baby colds! just miserable for all involved. hope he feels better soon because then YOU will, too :) xoxo