Monday, May 30, 2011

These May days…

I can not believe that May has come and gone.

I just can’t seem to keep up. Not in my normal Type-A agenda packed and listed kind of way. Where each check mark or line item gets scratched off with a good feeling of accomplishment attached to it. Nope these days…

This little one sleeps when he wants and for however long he chooses. Some days we get a good couple of hours and others its 20 minutes here and 30 minutes there. May 016-1

He gets to break all of the rules because he’s number three and here he is sleeping on my bed directly on my bedding. (Never would have happened with number one.)May 011

So some days I don’t get my laundry done, or the bathroom wiped down or the floors swept. More than once this month I was still in workout clothes when Mr. Dunbar came home (and the exercise happens in the morning.) ((I was lucky I brushed my teeth.)) We had sandwiches for dinner and yup, the big boys even ate cereal on occasion for their last meal of the day.  My sewing projects have been sitting on the table for almost a week. And I finally got some thank-you cards out that should have been sent out at the beginning of the month.

May 019

Ahhh… these days. These May days have passed in another blur.

May 014

We all are ready for summer to start. (Me, heading up the WELCOME SUMMER committee.)

Just one more week to go and then Spring will be nicely wrapped up and put on the shelf. No more baseball.

No more baseball practice.

No more pre-school.

No more bible study (the group thing.)

May 024

Just the dog days of summer.

May 018

We are ready. We are ready for long naps. Board shorts and flip flops. Sunblock and sunglasses. Hotdogs and beer. (Okay, not for the kids.) Bring on the water parks and trips to the beach. Hooray for free movies and VBS.

May 023 

Movie nights and late breakfasts. Yummy fruit and popsicles. Bright colors and all things patriotic.  Grilling dinner and lots of paper plates. Oh its going to be good. So good.

May 025   

Dear Summer,

Please Hurry.

Much Love,

                    Mrs. Dunbar


Megan said...

Oh what a love he is. I love a sleeping baby...
Summer where you are sounds dreamy. Enjoy having all of your boys sans schedule and the beauty of saying, "What you you guys want to do today?"

Cathy said...

Perfect timing for summer! It will be a great one.

jen@odbt said...

Ditto. Can't wait for summer. He's so sweet!

Lori said...

summer is in full swing here. But for us it means the start of t-ball and more summer craziness. hope summer means slowing down and a bit of routine at the same time for all of you

Nicolle said...

I love all of the photos, especially the 2nd one down! :) So precious!

Oh, I'm Type A too, and lately have been barely keeping afloat with everything on my plate.

ps. have cleaned 2 ceiling fans today, 3 to go. will come clean yours next! :)

Michelle DeRusha said...

I love, love when babies sleep like that, all splayed out with their arms up behind their head. So cute, so vulnerable and free! He is a doll!!

Seizing My Day said...

oh my word... my heart aches for another baby sometimes!! =) (not going to happen) ... and yes... my heart aches for summer too... though with bigger littles ones... soccer will still be there... and life is a little busier with them more active and desiring more action than the park and a sprinkler! ha ha! I thought life would be more relaxed in summer with bigger little ones... I was SO wrong... my point... ENJOY those sleepy summer days... they get so busy when the diapers are gone and the naps are over ... =) Your baby boy is precious!! *sigh* =)