Monday, May 2, 2011

Discovery and a Superhero

Popeye is in full swing of discovering his limbs.  Right hooks and upper cuts are a norm around here. And his legs are kick-kick-kicking. (But he still hates the camera.)April 489

“Yeah, I’m buff. “April 490 April 487April 491 April 494

We had a superhero invade the Dunbar home, rather than save us from disaster I think all he did was create them.April 477April 480April 496 April 502    April 504

And I caught these two sharing a moment of reading together. It was Monkey’s Yearbook from his first year of preschool. Bogie is starting preschool in the fall, and he wants to know EVERYTHING before he starts. They went page by page reviewing all of the 3 year old activities.April 509 April 511 April 512

April 513

We’ve been home a bunch recently… maybe its the newborn stage, maybe its the dread of lugging 3 kids around town, maybe its the hike in gas prices, maybe its because I just wrote checks for school registration, swim lessons,  and VBS,  but the boys have done a great job actually playing with each other and their toys.

Do you find that your kids don’t really play with their toys when your on the go-go-go?

~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

great pictures of your guys. I can't imagine going out with 3 kids. it was hard enough when Colby was born and I had to take Blake and Colby out and that was only 2. I love when we slow down the boys have time to play together and rediscover how fun it is to be brothers

jen@odbt said...

My ovaries just twitched -- I love that stage and his legs/arms that have no wrists or ankles yet. And the one of the boys reading together melts my heart. I don't think I ventured out with 3 until the baby was maybe 4 months old and then I armed myself with lots of lollipops to get us through the store.

Genn said...

I'm laughing at Jen's comment, but I think your adorable Popeye can make any woman's ovaries twitch. Great pics of all your boys. How exciting for Bogie to be starting pre school. I bet he's thrilled.
We've been home a lot lately too. Don't know why. Could be all the reasons you listed. Isn't life so much better when the kids play nicely??? It's not always like that around here, but when it is, I'm grateful!

Megan said...

I love the new header - you're always keeping it fresh! I see Popeye has a Fisher -Price light up dealie in his bed. I was just telling Gabe the other night at bedtime how much he loved his FP fish aquarium. We burnt out two of them! So sweet! And yes, when we are on the go the kids actually forget how to play. Summer comes and we get to dust off the toys and make some memories!

Mrs. C... said...

Totally!!! I have been on the go, well because we NEED to talk in person.....about that. Also, kids don't play with toys much when consumed with homework. Just wait. Glad to see you are around. :) Unfortunately we won't be at VBS due to the fact that Lamo-Mom planned family vacation that same week. I seriously thought we would be fine, but guess we aren't. Maybe at another church.........