Friday, April 29, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

did you watch it? live?

i sure did. mom and i set our alarms and got up at 1am. watched the prince make his debut for the day, and then we went back to sleep for another hour until the real action started.

image via Washington Post

i loved how prince harry turned around to see Kate come up the aisle while prince william waited patiently up front for her to meet him. i love how the brothers exchanged a few words before she got there. i love how he told her she looked beautiful, and how he grinned while saying his vows.

image via

it was beautiful.

they look happy.

what a fairytale.

i hope they truly are… for a lifetime.


~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

to be honest I forgot all about it until I saw it on the news this morning. I was awake at 1am my time but so not by choice

Simply...Me said...

I love that your mom and you did a sleep over.

Nicolle said...

I didn't get up early, but when I turned on the news this morning and saw a recap and saw how beautiful she looked, I got big time chills! :) I hope it lasts forever too. I just wish Diana would have been there to enjoy it all. :(

have a good weekend!

Megan said...

Yes, we watched! I taped it and we watched it last night - with a friend from the UK to explain everything, tea and cakes!

{cindy} said...

It certainly was beautiful.
But I have to admit, I watched it on fast forward DVR a few hours later!!
Have a happy day

love the may header!!

Mrs. C... said...

I did, but I am not committed like you. Work the next day and all. It was a fairy tale. Sadly I distinctly remember watching his parents get married too, I was the same age as Missy. Freaky, and made me feel old. REALLy REALLy OLD!! She watched it too, and thought the new princess looked beautiful, to which her Dad said "Not nearly as pretty as you are going to look at your wedding" made me cry.

The Salinas Family said...

Loved it and will follow it indeed!