Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snuggles and craziness

Life is passing by so quickly. The days go by so fast at times and at others the minutes drag on; like when the boys are arguing or someone has poop in their diaper and someone else needs help in the bathroom, and someone else is spilling something in the kitchen, all while the dogs are barking at squirrels in the backyard. Those are the moments I just want to scream or laugh or both. Sometimes I do.

Three kids. Agh. Can you hear me? Three. Three is not easy.

But isn’t this guy just so cute. Seriously. He won’t smile for the camera though. I’ve tried. He is starting to talk and talk and talk and his toothless grin is oh-so-wide it just lures you in. But he never shows it for the camera, not ever. {Yet.}  April 006

And those dark chocolate eyes of his. Melt my heart. Every time. April 007

I caught these two in brief moment of snuggling on the couch. Mostly I reserve the calm moments for myself and just hand the Popeye off when he is whaling. Mr. Dunbar lives for that. He loves whaling kids. But he also loves some baby snuggles, so I shared.April 009 April 01April 010  April 014 April 015

And since the Mr. and I think three is hard we decided to throw two more into the mix last week. Hey when you’re already crazy adding more craziness doesn’t make a difference.

But one of them was a girl!  My sweet niece.

April 020April 018

The boys tried handing her dishes, but she opted for the boy toys instead.April 019April 029    April 030April 031April 033

And the G-Man. This kid is off the hook. He LOVES to play with his cousins.

April 028

And his lashes are to die for!April 021    Of course the whole time I was snuggling with this little bum. April 041

All while trying to corral a 5 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old.

Easy breezy!

~mrs. dunbar


Simply...Me said...

Ha ha thanks again for watching them! Baby Hunter looks JUST like Logan in those pics!

Anonymous said...

You're one busy Mama with some darn cute kids:)

Sarah said...

What absolute GORGEOUS wittle bubbies. Great pictures of your blessings! xxx

jen@odbt said...

You are brave my friend. Sometimes it helps to have more kids around b/c then they play and occupy each other.

Ashley said...

Amen! Three is not for the faint of heart! Your baby is so precious. Hope your day goes well!:)

Jessica Hanson said...

:) Your life mirrors mine sooooo much! Gotta love those sweet boys! Never a dull moment!

Genn said...

Sure, why not add some more kids to the craziness! :)
I bet the days are just flying by for you right now.
Such a cute picture of your husband and Hunter.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Those pictures of your sleeping babe are adorable! Elbow patches on baby clothes are to die for. Thank for you comment on my blog too, it's fun to "get to know" you through blogs! How fun! :)

Cindy said...

Love these!
Babies and their daddies melt my heart!
Sometimes adding more kids can really make the day seem different and better in a way...sometimes!:)
Have a happy day

Nancy said...

Oh that baby... yummy! He is just darling. My sister in law had her 3rd in December: she has a 3,2 and new baby. She has said the same as you: three is a lot of work! I love being able to enjoy the babies still... through her! Might i add that your header is just gorgeous. So pink and spring-y! love it. happy weekend, my friend. xoxo