Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Sweet Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from Cousin Jared and his girlfriend Bree this past weekend.  It’s always a treat for me when other people play with my kids. 

I especially knew something was up when these two were sitting in the hallway looking like this. March 652

Coming out for the attack.

March 654March 648 March 649    March 655 March 656

After battle of the Nerf Darts, the boys showed them their new game, Mario Kart.

(Monkey earned this by filling up his sticker chart. )March 514

March 657

This guy of course, instantly wanted to “Battle.”

Boys, do they ever grow-up?March 660

They got some snuggle time in with our little Popeye. March 661 March 662 March 665 

And of course the marble obstacle course set came out. March 667 March 670 March 672 March 673March 666

And the 3 smaller Dunbar Men say, “Thanks for coming over guys!”March 626

~mrs. dunbar


jen@odbt said...

We "battle" all the time...it's my kids' preferred way to play Mario Kart. Looks like the little one is fitting right in - that last shot is awesome!

Ali said...

I LOVE the last picture. So sweet

Genn said...

Oh my gosh that last picture is so sweet.
You seem to capture great pics of the three of them together!
Looks like a fun visit.

Anonymous said...

Won't be long before your littlest guy will be joining in on those hard fought battles:) LOVE the last picture!

Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures-they made me happy!

Amber said...

ohh my goodness... H is almost a kid... what is going on? We need a visit ASAP! =]

Cindy said...

oh that last one!!
and love the new header...very springy!
have a happy day