Friday, April 22, 2011

How you doin’?

   March 520
Sometimes you just feel like this about life, don’t you?
Or is it just me? 
I so need the weekend to be here… now. Good food, good times, good reason.
He is Risen.
Happy Easter weekend.
And just to show you that my Popeye does smile.April 262April 261
Until he sees the camera of course. April 263
~mrs. dunbar


Anonymous said...

He's growing!! Happy Easter:)

Jill said...

Oh he's just the sweetest!!
Happy Easter to you and your precious family!!
Many Blessings!

Robin said...

Ahhh, he is so precious! D is exactly the same...he never smiles for the camera. Happy Easter! He is Risen Indeed :)

Cathy said...

beautiful! happy easter, my friend. xoxo

Jensamom23 said...

What a sweetie! Happy Easter!

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

So precious!

Ashley said...

look at that cutie!!

Megan said...

Oh that made me smile! Beautiful mama...