Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Extravaganza 2011

Well I’m only about three days late on posting about our Easter this year.  Not too bad. We actually went to church this weekend, all five of us. For the past eight weeks Mr. Dunbar has taken the older two while I’ve stayed home with the Popeye and watched church via the Webcast.  Our church offered Saturday services this year so went on Saturday afternoon.  It was good to be back at church. April 348
Sunday we went to my parents’ house. It truly is an extravaganza.  
Here’s the Popeye and I, he would not keep still with the hat on his head; the best part of his outfit. It was too cold to put anyone, but him, in their planned Easter outfits.
I loved Popeye’s hat. He looked just like my Grandpa.
April 360 April 407April 413
There was some hanging out.
April 365April 366   April 369
There were lots of gift… bags this year not baskets. The kids didn’t mind one bit. April 372  April 373April 377April 376  April 379 April 396April 383 April 385 April 386 April 388 April 390   April 397 April 398 April 399  April 401      
The real fun is the Easter Egg Hunt. No candy, just money for the kids. There’s always more than 100 eggs. Papa saves his change all year long to fill those eggs. I think he called himself the Easter Boss (instead of the Easter Bunny.)April 416 April 420 April 422
But the exciting part is the egg for the adults. Usually we’re looking for the “golden egg” and we’re all competing with each other for that egg. This year, we all had to work together, since my parents are expert game makers. There were rules, typed out as Rules of Engagement for the Easter Hunt 2011. And there were riddles, lots of riddles. We had to stay together and solve each one before we could move on to the next one. And we only had 30 minutes. We started off pretty quickly.April 423 April 425 April 426April 444
But then the riddles got a little more difficult.
April 427
April 440So we just laughed and laughed. And we begged for more clues.April 437
While the kids just played with each other. April 434April 438 April 436  April 443
Until finally we were lead to the orange egg this year. But it was worth it. April 460
Hope you had a great Easter. We sure did.
~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

looks like lots of fun Easter fun for the family. glad you got to enjoy with all 3 of your little guys!

Megan said...

You guys...I just love your family. Your parents are too cute...especially that one of your Mom coming down the stairs! So glad you guys had a great Easter and found the orange egg!

Thank you for the wonderful friendship and love you send my way, you are too wonderful and your messages lift my spirits!

jen@odbt said...

Definitely worth the riddles and hunt. Easter Boss sounds like it could be a new game show! The hat on Popeye was just too cute!

Cathy said...

love all the photos! sounds like your family knows how to have good, old fashioned that! (cuz it's the best kind of fun). YOU look stunning, my dear! hope the sugar highs from the weekend have calmed down :) xoxo

Genn said...

What fun. Sounds like a great time.
My Mom's Dad used to always do an egg hunt like that for all my cousins and I. He would start mailing riddles to us months before Easter. We all looked forward to that egg hunt well into adulthood. :)