Monday, May 16, 2011

Maps made with Cars and Bogie

Post delayed from last Friday when Blogger went haywire….

Yesterday while playing in the front yard the Google Maps car came speeding down the street.

Hey Mr. Map Man, did you catch us on camera?

Have you seen the Google car contraption? It’s pretty interesting.


We obviously don’t live in San Francisco, but I thought the car was so interesting. I’d never seen it before.

Have you Googled your address?

You should.

Check out what anyone can see about your home.


Here’s my funny guy. Baseball helmet and pajamas.May 029 Bogie sayings today:

Bogie: “Feed me 1st!”

Mommy: “I need to finish feeding the baby, Bogie.

Bogie: Awww!

Mommy: “When do you think I should feed him?”

He thinks for a second.

Bogie: “Feed him next. And me first.”


He saw a cigarette in the parking lot at Target and exclaimed,

“Eww Gross!!! Bad people. Bad people! Bad People” all the way into the store…

I’m not sure if he was talking about littering or smoking. But we seem to be on the right track.


Monkey was explaining to him that when he is seven Bogie will be five, when he is eight Bogie will be six.

Right out of Bogie’s mouth flies, “When you gonna be seventeen?” HUH?


April 538 

I got a Groupon deal on gymnastics. Bogie wasn’t too sure about it at first,April 533

all the others were “pink people.”April 534

But he got over it quickly especially when some other boys showed up, by then he was plowing head first into jumps and rolls.April 553

April 568

   April 573

This guy just chilled during gym until I took him out of his seat.

Then he decided to poop.

It shot out of his romper and landed not only on me but on the floor as well. No joke. April 532

And this is life in the fun lane.

~mrs. dunbar 


Megan said...

Too funny...I remember the blow outs. We had an up the back one at Chuck E Cheese once. Gotta love being a mama!

Robin said...

Ahhh, the little gym days...we had so much fun there. That was D's teacher....although I am at a loss for her name at the moment. We have a ribbon with her name on it somewhere around here. It was really nice seeing you the other day. Looking forward to having a playdate. Now that I have your permission I will do a "drop by" was planning on it today but D has had a fever. Hope to talk soon :)

Robin said...

That last pic is so's like he is saying sorry, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. lol too cute!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

your kiddos are so cute. I love the gym pictures, looks like he enjoyed himself. I so DO NOT miss those baby nasty poop days. hope your guys bring you lots of laughs and smiles today

Cathy said...

i smiled big when i read "when you gonna be seventeen?" sooo funny! xoxo