Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Households, Hip Hop, and Change in Uniform Policy

I found this and thought it was quite interesting.
According to the New York Times, The Dunbar family construct makes up less than 3% of households of the American populace. Three percent?  That seems awfully low, because it seems like everyone we know is a married couple couple with 2 or 3 kids. But we  I  live in a bubble. I really like my bubble.

After reading the complete article attached to this little gismo, it just saddened me to think of so many kids growing up in whacked out families. As a teacher, one of my most used mottos was “Parents screw kids up!” seriously. After reading this article, I’m convinced of it. Fewer and fewer kids are growing up in families, true families. This should worry us. I really think so.
Okay, so go ahead and plug your info into this New York Times online estimation tool. Let me know where you stand.
On a much lighter note, Monkey took Hip Hop for a few weeks.     June 630 June 628June 629June 632June 635 June 633 June 634  June 636June 642 June 637 June 640 June 650June 649
I thought he did a really good job, but it wasn’t his cup of tea.  He’s more into sports and the competitiveness and stats that go with it. Before he started Hip Hop, he said he wanted a guy teacher and sure enough he got one, but it wasn’t enough to hold his interest for long. June 643
Oh well, we tried. Moving on.
The army called, they’re changing their uniform.
June 563 June 565
Polo shirts and headbands. Just thought you should know.
~mrs. dunbar


Katie @ minivan diva said...

I used to have the same motto when I was teaching. So sad. I like my bubble too. Love the new army uniform!!

Lori said...

When I was a teacher I always loved confrenence just so I could meet the parent. How often I said "ohhh now I get your kid!" It is sad how the circumstances of life brought on by adults effects children so boldly. that "army uniform" is too funny

Nancy said...

ok. that hip hop class is just too cute. Watch out So You Think You Can Dance! Darling. Love the Yo Pose. And the army uniform change. so awesome. :)

Genn said...

Interesting stats on that article. I really do live in my bubble too. And I like it here. But it's so sad that how our kids are being raised is not how the majority of kids are being raised. Do you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?? It's great. But the stories of a lot of the kids at the high school he's been at just break my heart.

Adorable pics of the hip hop class.
Hannah would love that.
And the army change, hilarious. I didn't know that. ;)

SZM said...

I love this post! Adorable photos and I couldn't agree more with the sentiment. I am proud to live in my little bubble. As a former teacher myself, I concur!!

Mrs. C... said...

B has accussed me for years of living in the bubble. I like the bubble. Actually, he has also agreed that the bubble of life is pretty darn good!