Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flexibility, Seating Arrangements, and Yummy Yummy Food

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my Sailor has discovered his toes.

But did you know that he can stick them in his mouth?  July 018 July 019

Notice the wrinkled brow. I make the same face when I’m frustrated. Mr. Dunbar always tells me to stop making that face because I’m giving myself wrinkles—its an instant face changer.July 017

I tried telling that to Sailor and it worked.July 020


On a different note-

Bogie is connected to Mr. Dunbar when he’s home. I came into the living room and here they were. Bogie just planted himself on Mr. Dunbar’s shoulders, not to be pried off. Bogie is a lot like me in temperament, so its no wonder he likes to be with his dad, calm and mellow is good for us.

  July 037 July 038

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My MIL was making homemade icecream this weekend in her icecream maker. Then I logged onto Kevin and Amanda and lo and behold she had an amazingly easy icecream recipe without and icecream maker! I just made a simple chocolate flavor.  This is the before picture. I didn’t get an after… it was devoured. But believe me when I tell you it was rich and creamy and all around yummy.July 049


My kids love this cereal they ate the whole box in 2 days. What’s your kids favorite cereal?

 July 051

And one more shot of Mr. Flexible.July 021

I just love it that babies can do this. Look at those fingers.

He’s a chunk!  I mean hunk. Or maybe just a chunk of hunk.

~mrs. dunbar


Ashley said...

Oh yummy! Can't wait to try that ice cream! I have been looking for something like that...I didnt want to go out and buy a maker! Im loving that baby chewing those toes!!:)

Genn said...

Such sweet pictures!
I just love reading your posts. It's like I can hear you talking when I read your writing. :)

Hey, I never got an email from you with your address. You sure you sent it?

Anonymous said...

Geez he's cute!! That chunk of hunk has such good coloring!!

alisha said...

Superb Posting ! cute baby and beautiful Flexibility .Nice activities
Sb&b breakfast

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

such cute pictures of your littlest guy. we love homemade ice cream here. the ice cream maker attachment to my stand mixer was a great investment. hope your ice cream came out well (o:

AGohl said...

Such cute pictures!!! Your little guy is so adorable. :)

Mrs. C... said...

Cute Cute! We are on the road again for an insane trip up north, but we need to get together when we return! 4 cities, in 6 days - pray for us!

Amber said...

Have you made anything else from the Kevin and Amanda blog? I am need of recipes. This 4pm morning sickness really gets in the way of dinner. Pretty please text or email me some inspiration. We cant have ice cream for dinner every night ;)

As for the panda puffs... the kids love them. i had to stop buying them cause they would be gone in a day. eeek!!

Amber said...

ps.. i think panda puffs in your ice cream would be delish! just a thought

Michele said...

Love those first photos! So precious! I'm so glad I read this, it's July and I haven't made homemade ice cream once this summer. I'm going to have to do something about that! Cute blog! I'm now following :)