Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Longest Post for the Eldest Person

Auntie Marian turned 100 years old this past weekend.

There was a party in her honor, and what a celebration it was indeed.

July 190

What do you get for someone who is turning 100?

I don’t know.

The boys and I thought, and thought, and thought, finally we came up with the idea to create a candy poster for her. Auntie Marian is as sharp as a tack, she understood the little puns and word phrases the very first time she read it.

July 143 July 151

One of the secrets of living until your 100… laughing and smiling with all you’ve got. July 153

It’s contagious. July 154 July 159 July 161 July 163 July 170

One of the great things about Mr. Dunbar’s family; they always include mine. My mom brought Auntie Marian an Edible Arrangement. It said “100” on top. July 171 July 177

Monkey ate the 100. He was very proud of himself. July 178 As the adults chatted away and had a gay ol’ time… July 246

(hi pagan!)

July 194 

the boys rode bikes and found treasures around the property.July 179 July 182 July 184 July 185

Then Liam brought out bubbles. Genius idea. Thanks, Megan.July 200July 221 July 222July 239July 242July 229

Then more cousins showed up.

July 224July 228

      July 247     July 244  

Bogie got thirsty so he got himself something to drink.July 249 July 250

and then he shared.

July 255 July 256

Monkey toted Liam around “big brother style.”

July 257 July 258 July 259

Hmmm, notice that big empty spot on the platter below?July 267

Yeah, well, that’s because Bogie got to it. He thought it was a Wine and Cheese Party.July 264 July 265 

But the party just kept right on rolling… 

There was a toast, Cousin Jenny gave it and she cried and laughed and cried again. July 272July 283July 278 July 277 July 286July 270

SALUD! To a life well lived! A saint that has impressed love among generations.   July 289 July 291 July 293 

Here are some photos of the ladies who put on this here shin-dig.

 July 279  July 189July 344July 282July 187 

Okay, Cousin Jared up above isn’t a lady. I was just checking to see if you were still reading.

And some random photos from the night.

 July 287July 332      July 342July 333July 281July 325  July 233 July 341 

                                                     Hmmm….  I noticed the knife afterwards.

July 198July 304 July 235

July 327

No birthday party is complete without cake. Look at those boys’ faces. July 318July 319July 320July 322

And some family photos.

Auntie with her daughter and grandkids.

July 337

And then the crazy gang wanted a picture with the Lady of Honor. The funniest part about these pictures, to me, is Megan’s Prom pose in every single shot.  All the hooligans are going bonkers on the guys shoulders and she’s just smiling away. July 353 July 346  July 348 July 349 July 350 July 351 July 352

And lastly the Dunbar’s got a few shots at the very end of the night. July 366July 365

One hundred year age difference. Amazing. July 361

There is no person I have ever met that is more interesting as well as interested. She makes you feel like a million bucks every time you talk with her. She’s got stories of eras we only read about in history books. She’s held every single baby in this family.

We love you Auntie. We are so grateful you are a part of our lives. Mwah.

July 358-1

~mrs. dunbar


Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Truly amazing and special. Great pictures.

jen@odbt said...

Happy 100th Birthday to your Auntie! Wow...what an amazing life to celebrate. Love all the pictures of all the generations together to enjoy the special lady in your lives.

Genn said...

Great post Irene!
I loved the wine and cheese pictures of Bogie. Priceless.
And that last picture is just precious.
You should get your book today. :)

Megan said...

Wow, what a lady! This is such a great post. I love that she wore a corsage. My Grandma always wore a you suppose we will grow into this someday? I love that cake, it is stunning., that kid cracks me up! His sweaty hair, his cheese, his cake, his personality is larger than life! I love the 100 year picture too...that is amazing!

Jensamom23 said...

What a wonderful lady! She oozes personality and wisdom in the pictures. What a great family to celebrate her as well. Those 100 year pictures will be cherished for years to come. Thanks for sharing!

{cindy} said...

How wonderful to have someone like this in your family! Her smile and laugh do look contagious!:)
Great pictures of a great celebration
have a happy day

Nicolle said...

Happy Birthday to your Auntie. She has such a beautiful smile, and I can tell she is an amazing woman. I love the photo on her cake! I love all of the photos from your day. OMG, the ones of your son with the big chunk of cheese and wine glass....priceless!

Mrs. C... said...

Happy Birthday!!! I have heard so many stories of this emphamis Auntie! So glad you documented it. Talk to me later about a book you can do for the family.

Sarah said...

Mrs Dunbar, what a lovely post! My mouth is still watering over the edible arranglement your gorgeous Moter brought, what a great idea, I have never seen anything like it! Auntie Marian is amazing..happy 100th!