Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All because he fell in the shower

The boys had their dental check-ups this past Friday at Dr. Crystal’s. As always they were super excited to go. As we walked into the dental office we ran right smack into some more of Mr. Dunbar’s cousins. Their little guy had fallen in the shower that morning and they were there to get him checked out. This is the culprit. Innocent face, but that’s how they get ya.

July 669

He was waiting patiently on his mom’s lap. My hooligans jumped right into the exam chairs. The hygienists there are always so good with the boys. Taking the time out to show them what they are about to do and talking the process through.

  July 670 July 679

Popeye was entranced with what was going on. He watched the whole time. July 692

Here’s Dr. Crystal showing us that Monkey’s bottom front teeth are loose. He was ecstatic!

July 700

Look at those big ol’ chompers that are ready to make their way out soon. Those are his uppers I think. Notice how there isn’t that much space for the big adult teeth…time to see an orthodontist.

July 701

And guess whose x-rays these are?

July 702 July 704

July 703

We already know he’s going to need orthodontic work. All three of them are.

And for the very first time, Dr. Crystal was able to join us for lunch.

We all headed to Rubios for a quick bite to eat.

She’s saying how cute my Bogie is. July 716-1

I would agree.July 733

This guy had his eye on me because I was watching all of his antics. Check this out.

  July 727 July 730

He was tearing up all of the napkins. On the sly. July 731 

After lunch Dr. Crystal had to head back to work. (Boo.) But the rest of us went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens to climb in their tree house and have some fun. July 735  July 740  July 743July 741 July 746July 745  July 751 July 752 July 754July 753  July 756 July 757 July 759 July 778 July 780 July 787 July 788 July 793 July 795 July 805 July 806 July 814  July 804July 800July 799July 796July 816July 829 July 830     July 819 July 823 July 841

Since we were at the Botanical Gardens I took one picture of nature. One picture.July 737

It was a nice impromptu afternoon full of kids, plants, toys, and dirt. And it all happened because of a fall in the shower… to which we are really sort of in an odd way grateful for.

This is what dinner looked like.July 852

I took a Motrin and passed out once we made it safely home.

~mrs. dunbar


jen@odbt said...

Fun day! You make a dentist visit look fun. Love the pics of Bogie holding hands with his friend.

Genn said...

Just one motrin? lol

Sounds like fun.
That picture of you is great. Your hair looks beautiful!

Your boys seem like such fun.
Cute pic of Popeye looking at the boys in the dentist chair too. :)

Mrs. C... said...

We have the most amazing Orthodontist, and he works right around the corner from your HOUSE! Also, can you please call me back????!!!

Lori said...

that botanical garden looks super cool. glad the dental appt's went smoothly

The Loyal Mortgage Guy said...

very cool! where is that place in sd? very cool find!

The Loyal Mortgage Guy said...

oh ya its erica