Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cousins and Snow

This past weekend we headed up north to visit with Mr. Dunbar’s brother and family. We hardly ever make the trip because it’s 8 hours away.  But this time we went with a plan in mind of taking the boys skiing. (But I’m getting ahead of my self.) Packing snow clothes is not as easy as packing up board shorts and some extra t-shirts for afterwards. It was a lot of work to get these guys all squared away, but it was totally worth it. I had to go to Target and get three extra bags to hold all of their stuff. How people live in the snow, I’ll never know.

So here’s our trip…

Our first morning there, the boys were having a great time playing in their cousins’ playroom that is filled to the brim with great toys that we don’t have. (And it has wonderfully big windows that I was enjoying with all of the great light.)


Not to be contained too long, the kids headed outside in the “cold” to putz around and play with sidewalk chalk. (Photos taken through the window.)


That afternoon, my sister-in-law and I headed to a nice little spa place in town to have a  mani/pedi. Girlfriend did not make appointments at the typical corner shop, she made appointments at the crem-de-la-crem place. Compete with homemade soaks, scrubs, and complimentary drinks.


We had our own little room to ourselves. Complete with great wall art, large windows, fabulous window coverings, and great music. So fun. Oh and my hands and feet have never felt better. (Tip: mix brown sugar with olive oil and scrub it all over your hands and feet.)


The next morning we got up with the roosters and headed towards the mountain. All five kiddos, getting their grub on.


Chunk in the Lodge with his little Patagonia jacket on.


Ski School.

My boys were so excited, they were the first ones out looking for their skis.


This little lady was not happy. She wanted to be in the same class as her cousins. IMG_7767IMG_7772

Hey look. I really was there. And that baby may actually look like me after all.


The ski school had this great “magic carpet” for the boys to hop on once they made it to the bottom of the hill.


Monkey did not want to learn the basics at first, all he wanted to do was tricks.


And because of that he kept ending up like this…


Mr. Dunbar bringing me hot chocolate, since I was that annoying mom who wouldn’t leave the class.


These guys were working up an appetite.IMG_7859IMG_7862IMG_7865IMG_7866

After lunch is when the real fun began. All of the cousins got to ski together. IMG_7924IMG_7928

The weather was just perfect it actually got pretty warm.


Okay, this has got to be the funniest thing I saw all weekend. PEETSA!!!


And this is our whole crew, at the very end of the day, tired.


Are these future men or what?


The Chunk, now nicknamed Chuey from his auntie, had a great ol’ time playing.IMG_7979IMG_7983IMG_7993IMG_7994IMG_7996IMG_8000

The kids went out skiing a second time the next day but I didn’t take my camera. They did great and will soon be speeding down the mountain faster than I care to think about.

Pizza after a second day of skiing. IMG_8059IMG_8063IMG_8072

My kids showed them how to watch Tom and Jerry on YouTube.


After all of this we packed our things up and drove home. Exhausted and happy.


Nicolle said...

How fun! I have never skied before. I'm afraid of heights so I'm not sure how that would work out for me. Laughed at the future men comment with them sitting in the big chair. Yes, your baby does look like you! :) Glad you had a great time. Wonderful pictures!

AGohl said...

Wow... sounds like an action packed weekend! Looks like your boys had fun!

Genn said...

Exhausted I bet!!!
But how much fun!

Your sil did book you mani pedis at a fancy place! How nice for you.

I can not wait to get our girls in ski school!!!
Glad they loved it. Do you ski? Does Mr Dunbar? I am guessing so. Jake skis and I snowboard but for obvious reasons we haven't done it in about 5 years. ;)

Glad ya had a good time.

Genn said...

ps- the future men comment, too funny!

and pps- that playroom did have awesome lighting!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

so cool. I grew up in New England and downhill skied but I doubt any of my guys will since well there's no chance of snow down here anddd it's a bit flat. looks like they had a blast.

Jensamom23 said...

Love weekends like that! Glad you had fun.

Barb said...

What a fun filled family weekend you had making memories. Now go take a nap! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!! And great memories with family!!

Mrs. C... said...

Confession: I was a little bummed you went and visited them because I thought you would miss our annual party. However - our hostess got sick (huge bummer for her). That means that Have NO fear - you still get to come when it gets rescheduled!! Yay!!! Looks like you had a great time. Now your boys have been skiing more days than I have!