Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Breakfast Surprises and 100 Days

Yesterday while putting laundry away, this is how I found Chunk sleeping.


All curled up, no pants on, one sock missing and arm hanging out of the crib.


While he was sleeping I was putting together these breakfast muffin thingy-ma-bobs. Yes, it was a labor of love for my husband because I do not cook eggs. First time in over 8 years of being married that I actually made an “egg dish.”


I used homemade bread for a base, 10 eggs with shredded zucchini and chopped spinach,  sausage, Tapatio, and some shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Genn also made these today. Great minds think alike. Oh and I got my haircut the night before.


Oh my word. I want to gag just looking at the picture.


Okay and since I do not cook eggs I forgot how much they puff up when they are cooked. IMG_8278

Mr. Dunbar had to fish them out of the muffin pan. I could not. The smell of cooked egg was pushing me over the edge, so I decided bake bread. That smell is divine.


Just a side note, he told me that scrubbing off dried egg is harder than scrubbing off egg just after its been cooked. Didn’t know that.

A little while later Mr. Mister over here decided that he wanted to get out of his crib while I was in the middle of making bread dough. He thought I was going to bake cookies so he took the oatmeal out. I of course was too busy too put his pants back on him, but not too busy to pull the camera out.

This my friends is what it looks like to sit in 42 ounces of oatmeal.


I am creating a kinesthetic/tactile learning environment for my children. How about you?


I texted some friends and family. “Who wants to come clean this mess up?” I got no takers. So much for loving your brother! Or in this case your sister.


And SOOC, since I’m running out of time.


This is what you get when you ask a 6 year old to smile.


And the result of telling him, “Just pose for the picture!”


100 days of Kindergarten! We’re more than half way through it. I can not believe it.


Eric and Jenny said...

What a fun post, lots of things made me smile!

First you are hillarious wanted to gag at the look of eggs. And yes eggs are much harder to scrape off when dried on a bit, my husband does this to me all the time. It's one of my biggest pet peeves! Don't do that ever again to poor hubby friend!

And last the 100th day of school. I don't remember that being a big thing when I was in school but man nowadays it's like a holiday. My little boy was so excited for it, who knew!

jen@odbt said...

100 days is such a fun celebration but yes, can't believe how fast the year has flown.

The oatmeal pic is priceless. Did you ever see the youtube video of the kids who got into a 5 lb bag of flour? That would have been the end of me.

Sarah said...

Oh, those pictures are priceless! I remember those days of finding my toddlers in there cot sleeping all different ways. Time goes so fast! xxx

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I used to be the same way about eggs...then found out my boys love them, so I scramble them for the kids a lot. Now I even eat them if there is more "stuff + cheese" than egg. My parents are shocked since I couldn't even be in the same room if someone was eating eggs. Gah!! The oatmeal!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

what a loving wife to put away your aversion to eggs for your husband (o: love the pic of chunk in the oatmeal, hey at least he got a bit of extra fiber. my boys did it with flour one day... that was a mess!

Genn said...

Cute post.
Great job on making eggs! Such a sweet wife you are. :)
Funny how we both made bread and eggs that same day.
Today I tried a new bread recipe and oh. my. heavens was it good.
I don't think I can every buy store bought bread again!

Great pictures of your Monkey too. I had no idea the 100th day of school is such a big day. I can't believe I'll have a kindergardner next year.
A kinder kid, making bread, making pot roasts... man I am OLD! ;)

Megan said...

That baby booty picture is just adorable. I love that you captured that moment. And the oatmeal afterwards. How peaceful they are when asleep!

Nicolle said...

Sleeping baby pictures are the sweetest. I remember your egg aversion, so I'm proud of you for making that recipe! :)) Oh gosh, what a mess with the oatmeal, but I love the pictures.

Jensamom23 said...

What a nice wife you are to gook the egg dish for your hubby...super sweet. The oatmeal....sorry, but what fun for him! Enjoy your day.