Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bogie is four!

I was driving the boys home from school today, semi-thinking what I would post about Bogie turning four and I just started laughing to myself. This kid is funny. March to the beat of his own drum, says what he’s thinking and means what he says; funny. IMG_8681

For those people with more than one kid, doesn’t it just amaze you how different your children are? Sometimes I look at this kid and think, “My life is always exciting with you in it.” Every once in a while I think, “What planet are you from?” And then I thank my lucky stars that Providence gave him to me. Because he is a real gem. Sometimes a diamond in the rough, but truly, a gem.


He is a man through and through. Yawns in front of the camera, hates to go shopping, and yells for “Kudos” at his accomplishments in the bathroom.


He kicks left footed. Knows all of his letters and sounds. Adores his baby brother. Admires his big brother.  Thrives on routine. But loves surprises. He’s got rhythm, some good rhythm. And highlights that women spend hours and hundreds for.


He’s been telling everyone he see’s for over a week now, “That it is almost my birf-day.” He especially requested cookies with blue frosting and juice boxes to share at school. Wants to go to the worlds most expensive Pizza Place for dinner.


He  crawls into bed with us almost every night around 2am along with his blanket and Paco {his penguin.} Has an explanation for every single aspect of his life. And with his low- scratchy-boy voice and the missing teeth, listening to him talk is enjoyable most minutes of the day. {2am, not so much.}


Man, I love this kid. And he’s four.

Time is a-flying.


Nicolle said...

Oh my gosh, I just love him. Happy Birthday Bogie. He is so funny, and I always love the pictures and stories you share about him. Boyd turns 4 on the 27th. I too have often looked at him and thought, what planet are you from?! :)

{cindy} said...

Happy Birthday Bogie!
He sounds a lot like my middle daugher..and a lot of other middle children I know too. hmmm?:)
Hope you all had the happiest of days!

jen@odbt said...

Love this kid! Four is a great year. Happy Birthday kiddo...celebrate!

Lori said...

happy birthday to your fun loving adventuresome little man. enjoy every minute of the fun year ahead

Jensamom23 said...

Happy Birthday!

Shannon said...

What a cutie! Happy 4th Birthday big boy :)

SZM said...

4 is my all time favorite age ever!! If I could pop out some more babies and then freeze age 4, I seriously 6 times or so.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday sweet Bogie! We all love you so much!

hugs and kisses

Mrs. C... said...

Happy Birthday Bogie!! We were just talking about you this morning and how "someone" in our family wishes you were born yesterday......Oh Well!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Colleen said...

Middle kids are the greatest. I should know I am one. Haha. We are usually the squeaky wheels as my dad used to call me! Happy 4th Birfday to a silly little guy.

Megan said...

It does amaze me how different kids can be, but you are is so fun that way! He is adorable and his personality comes through from his photos. Happy Birthday to your sweet 4 year old!

Ashley said...

Awe! Happy Birthday! Totally agree on that multiple kid thing! It sounds like our middles are similar! ;) Have a great day!;)