Monday, April 23, 2012

Let the heat wave begin…

Why hello there! It’s been a while. Too long.

I took some time off from the computer. I know I posted a few random posts, but I literally didn’t read a blog, or a web site, or “pin” anything in almost a month. And you know what? It was refreshing. And almost enlightening, when I realized just how much of my day is spent online. Granted its mostly 5 or 7 minutes here and there, but those itty bitty moments add up and I really got to spend every second with this guy.

He’s growing. Fast.

We spent the better part of our week last week like this in the afternoons.IMG_0126IMG_0127IMG_0131

I was watching him, and he was watching the big guys.


They were getting wet. With the good old fashioned sprinkler toys.



It’s gotten pretty hot around here lately.  Like hot hot. Thank goodness its supposed to cool down pretty soon, nothing like a little teaser for the summer weather. I think we have 7 weeks left of school. They can’t go fast enough.

Mr. Dunbar came home with baseball tickets compliments of his boss. Unfortunately they were for the Angels, but us Dunbar’s like baseball, and well, these were Diamond Club tickets, so we graciously accepted and had a good time at the baseball park.


There were four tickets and with Chunk sitting on my lap we were fine. Can you tell who will be absent when four tickets does not exactly fit us all anymore? Yours truly will be getting the boot.


I thought it was funny; the sippy cup in the cup holder, once upon a time it was a beer. IMG_0178

Mr. Dunbar bought a bad of roasted peanuts for the boys at the market. They were actually Dodger’s peanuts, so he poured them into a baggie before we left the house. The boys thought that was fantastic and kept saying that the bag smelled like “peanut butter.” Ha. Who knew?


Bogie was ready for any foul balls. Too bad none came our way. IMG_0190

And just so you can see how close we were. The players were very close. IMG_0200

Good times.


Megan said...

Oh I love baseball got some great pictures too!

A computer break is always a good thing. Amazing how much clearer I think and how much more I get done. Glad you popped back in though!

Nicolle said...

Hi friend. I've missed you! I'm glad you took a computer break. I think that is important, and you are right 5 minutes here and there on the computer really add up. Love the pictures. I remember when Boyd was smaller and he would watch the big boys playing on the street, and it always tugged at my heart. Looks like the baseball game was fun. You did have great seats! The sippy cup in the beer cup holder...been there. :)

Genn said...

Great pics as always Irene!

I can't believe how big your little guy is looking now. Happens so crazy fast it seems.

Fun time at the ball game.
I laughed at the comment about 4 tix and guess who will be left out.
When that happens call me, we'll go shopping! :)

oh and speaking of, have to reschedule our day in june, jake has a boys weekend. we'll talk soon!

sloan said...

well hey there, Mrs. D - it's so nice to meet a new friend!! thanks for stopping by, i see above that nicolle might be how you found me, i love it!! your blog is really great - filled with so many gorgeous photos of your beautiful boys, my kind of place :)

funny you should be talking about time off in this post, that's exactly what i've been struggling with lately, ugh that balance issue is so tough for us moms!!

Sarah said...

Oh wow, you guys are into the heat and we are bracing for winter! Love the sprinklers, such a fun way of cooling down! Your boys are adorable! xxx