Sunday, March 22, 2009

Got it

My mom got this from my dad for her birthday last week.

(Or one of these models... Canon Rebel really expensive awesome camera)

I'm wondering if she'll let me borrow it... like forever, okay well perhaps 5 days a week? She won't want to take pictures of her "clients," I can tell you that. They are not the nicest or most astute people around.
Hmmm... Its worth asking the question, right?


jen@odbt said...

Go for it. Tell her you're taking pictures of the boys for her and maybe she'll give it to you after all the wonderful photos you've taken.

patty said...

better yet, get her to tell your husband how awesome it is, and what a wonderful gift it was, and how it makes her love him even more, and... he'll get the "picture" - punn intended, of course! good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

your comment on my blog, made me giggle ;) And I would LOVE to have those cute little bugs over to my house for a sleepover anytime!

Mrs. C... said...

This is one of Mr. C's favorites for a "big" camera but not pro quality. It will do everything you want, and much more. Word of caution though, it is hard to take to Disneyland and catch those moments as it is larger. WE can chat more on this subject!