Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Letter and Prayer

Dear Soldiers, Wives of Soldiers, Sons and Daughters of Soldiers,
Thank you for protecting my freedom and that of my family. Thank you for your dedication, your sacrifice, and your commitment.
Most Sincerely,
The Dunbar's

Dear God,
Thanks for making me an American. May I use the freedom I have in You to show others your love through the freedom we take for granted.
Happy Birthday America!


Cathy said...

Perfect. I especially take the prayer to heart...may it be my prayer, too!

patty said...

happy 4th, mrs. dunbar!!
great post! :)

Mrs. C... said...

Great post! Can I ditto a prayer??? Does that count or is it against prayer rules??? Anyway, my flag is still flying even though the holiday is over. It might just be a permanent fixture to the front of our house.