Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I totally need a vacation. I love to travel. According to my random-vacation-generator above I should be visiting South Carolina and Honduras this year. (I was aiming for Costa Rica.) Every odd year Mr. Dunbar and I have gone on a nice vacation. In rescinding order:
2009: ???
2007- New York
2005- Australia
2003- St. Lucia
2001-Washington DC (pre-9/11)
But this year the Dunbar's will be enjoying a stay-cation. No big trips, just a few small ones planned. I told my darling husband in 2013 we are going on a BIG vacation, destination to be determined, but it will be good. Any favorite vacation spots I should know about?


cathy said...


Mrs. C... said...

Would 2013 be a significant anniversary year? That might change my suggestions.......here you go:
Cayman Islands, Canada, Italy, and anywhere the word Mommy I need......isn't spoken :)

Christy said...

My all-time favorite vacation spot is Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Nothing fancy but it really is the perfect place for a family to spend time at the beach.

I'm off to check your great reads section of your blog. I have to admit that I only got into the first few pages of The Time Traveler's Wife. It was a little too graphic in some of the details for me. I am now reading a timeless classic that I haven't read yet... Jane Eyre and I love it!

I really like the new look of your blog too:)

Ms. Tee said...

I love your random generator, first of all! That is too cute. We went to a little island off the coast of Cancun one year. It's called Isla Mujeres. It was breathtakingly beautiful and not commercialized. We loved it - I'd love to go back.
P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet note about my mom. She's doing better right now. :)

The Salinas Family said...

Costa Rica has lots of bugs! But you guys would get to stay at the resort and we would be at the local surf spot roughing it! :0)

patty said...

hope you are surviving the summer! i'm afraid to jinx it, but my husband told me (africa) 2010... can i say WOO-HOO! here's to hoping! and australia? an all time dream destination... i'd love to hear more about that one!! you live in tx, right? what about south padres island? never been, but always wanted to go while we lived there. ps: i love your random vacation generator! :)