Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pool Party

Over here in our neck of the woods, excuse me, in our neck of the desert it has been hitting triple digits. Saturday somewhere between 104 and 108 degrees and today between 106 and 110 degrees. Super hot!!!
Luckily we were invited to our friend's pool party. It was a just because party and a group of our friends were there with kids around the same ages as my little men, so everyone had a great time.

Monkey doing the Monkey Crawl around the pool.
They had a Taco Lady do the food. It was delicious, except everyone kept complaining the salsa was too hot! It's Mexican food people. Notice how Kim has two plates, she was really hungry.
This is what the pool looked like all day long.
This is what happens when you're trying to take a picture and hold a twenty pound chunk.
Baby Kayden spent a lot of time in the pool and then he was just all sunned out.
Bogie wanted to shoot that thing so bady.
Making a splash.
Trying to get little boys to both look at the camera is a challenge.

Thanks Salinas' Family! We had a great time.
What did you all do this weekend?


jen@odbt said...

What a blast! We had a similar gathering without the pool but it was also mild and quite comfortable for July. Where can I find a taco lady?

Mrs. C... said... weekend looked so different from yours! Wedding on Saturday (but MAN did my man look HOT!) and then time with Missy and out to LA on Sunday. Today the pool might be calling my name! BTW, we have my brothers pool available to us while they are out of town ~ come party!!!!

patty said...

hello, my long lost friend... sorry i've been gone. i think i've had a time like you described to me not too long ago... hoping that i'm able to return... working at it, anyway! hope you have turned the corner, too. looks like a fun weekend!! your boys are too cute!