Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick and easy dinner- Erin Style

We have some friends who are very dear to us. Friends so dear, that when we have dinner with them, 9 times out of 10 Ms. Erin will make beer bread just because she knows
Mr. Dunbar loves it.
Adores it.
Devours it.
Beer bread is good stuff.
And Ms. Erin will spend hours making it from scratch for the Dunbar's.

The other day while in Trader Joe's I saw the box for Beer Bread. Huh? And the box said all I would have to do was add beer. Now a quick and easy bread mix like this, I can handle. So I bought it along with another good thing Simple Times Lager. At $2.99 a six pack, it's a steal.)

Another part of dinner I picked up over the years from Ms. Erin is Bear Creek Cheddar Broccoli soup mix. (Not from TJ's.) I threw in some broccoli florets and frozen shredded chicken (that I had from a rotisserie Costco chicken two weeks ago.)

Twenty minutes later I had a hearty warm dinner on the table. I had to make Beer Bread biscuits because the loaf was going to take about an hour. Biscuits only took 18- 22 minutes.


And we'll be having beer bread biscuits with butter and jam in the morning.


Anonymous said...

ok girl! that sounds yummy! i have had that soup without the extras and it is very tasty! i have never had beer bread! guess i need to go find that mix! i know what we are having for supper this week! thanks for the tip!

ps. i just recieved your sweet card and that wonderful giftcard! you are a great bloggy friend! thank you! xoxo

The Chelette Family said...

OOOHHH, that looks good. I love broccoli! Can't wait to try it. BTW....I love your blog.

P.S. Your kids eat broccoli? That has good mom written all over it!

jen@odbt said...

Yum - wish we had a TJ closer. The last photo looks like it came out of a cookbook.

jen@odbt said...

Hey - congrats on your win! The Lisa Leonard necklace is beautiful - enjoy!

Mrs. C... said...

Yeah!!!! I am remembered for something!!! ;) Okay, so I must confess, making beer bread, is not that hard, if you have the ingredients.....Also, the cheaper the beer, the better the rise, I don't know why exactly, but that is the truth. As for the soup, guess what we are having for dinner? YEP you guessed it. ;) Smooches and thanks for the shout out!

Nancy said...

I love Bear Creek soups and Trader Joes... be still my heart. ISn't that the best store ever??? Those soups are so perfect to just add a little somethin and you are good to go. YummY...