Monday, November 2, 2009

An Award...Whooppeeee!!!

Hooray!!! I received this awesome award from

Adrienne over at The Flying Bee.
It was a totally unexpected surprise on a pretty difficult day.

But truly truly a blessing!!!

She is a great bloggy friend.

Alrighty, along with this award I am supposed to share some random facts about myself and then pass it on to another blogger or two.

Randomness, here we go:

I always order my drinks from Starbucks "extra-hot." My drink of choice is a Grande Chai Latte. The Pumpkin Spiced Latte is just too over-priced.

When I can't get the toilet clean enough, I just change out the toilet seat. Seriously it's like an insta-makeover for your potty. You know how getting your eyebrows waxed makes your face just look and feel fresh, well so does a new toilet seat, only for your other end. Am I nuts? I must be.

I am a magazine junky. I always have a subscription to a decorating magazine, a fashion magazine, and a health magazine. I pretty much change them every year.

My second and third favorite gifts Mr. Dunbar has given me are a Dewalt drill and a Santuko Cutco knife. Of course my favorite gift being my engagement ring.

There are hand sanitizing wipes or spray or gel in my car, my handbag, my diaper bag, my boy's rooms, my kitchen and my bathroom.

Africa is on my heart. Whether I'll go there someday or stay here and help, I'm not sure of yet.

When I was teaching there were two mottoes I lived by,"You may be the only light of Jesus this child sees today." and "Would you still discipline this child the same way if their parents were standing behind you." I think they worked pretty well.

I have crazy curly hair and I always have at least 3 hair products in my hair. Sometimes up to six products.

We are all sick right now, just colds, thank goodness. Our plans for the day were all cancelled or rescheduled, so our anniversary was spent as a "nice" (if you count sucking boogers out of noses and wiping Vick's on chests fun) family day at home. Only ventured out for a quick bite to eat and a super quick trip to the market. We needed things like milk, OJ, bread, you know the essentials. I did manage to hit-up Red Box and rent "The Proposal." Mr. Dunbar and I watched it after the boys went to bed at 7pm. Funny movie that I'll be purchasing when I make it to the store.

I feel like I'm in a blogging lull, the only think I've been writing about recently are my boys and though they are adorable I need to find other things to write about. Any ideas?

The last part of this award is to pass it on to two other Kreativ Bloggers. So I am passing it on to

Cathy of Breathless Expectation and

Nancy of The Goat and the Kid.


The Flying Bee said...

Yay! So glad that the award lifted your spirts! You deserve it!

I loved reading all these little things about you. I had to laugh about the toilet seat....I do the same thing!!! Ha Ha Ha!

Hope you are all starting to feel better. I will be praying for y'all.


Cathy said...

Wowwwwwwww!!! Thank you, sweet Mrs. D for this award ("I would like to thank my Dell") and congrats on yours! I loved your "randomness", many of your random things could have been my random things! The best award, of course, is your friendship.

As for blogging, I would love to know some of your favorite things (beauty products, clothes, places, people, music...). Why you went in to teaching/a favorite student and why. What makes your heart sing. Growing up stories. BUT, I love anything you write about, including your beautiful family!

Happy Day --thanks for making mine an extra special one!

Anonymous said...

congrats! you deserve an award! i love reading your blog! for ideas to blog about, i love seeing peoples homes! i am the same with the anit-bacterial hand gel! and that potty seat upgrade is too funny! hope you and your cuties feel better soon! xo

ps. i almost forgot! i did make the cupcake wrappers! you can find some free templates online! i know skip to my lou blog has an easy one! let me know whatcha think!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

LOVE cathy AND nancy!
they are like a breathe of fresh air!

that was FUN... your randomness. :)

i am in a blogging lull too... my life is NOT exciting! :)
right now... i SO want someone to tell me WHAT in the world to chat about! :)

i pray those colds skip away FAST!

jen@odbt said...

Congrats on your award - well deserved. I love reading/seeing your boys in posts. I need ideas as well. I feel like I'm in a rut myself.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Fun to get these!! I love reading about people and their little known facts in the blog world...

Nancy said...

Seriously... to quote Sally Field, "You like me.. you really like me!" All joking aside, thanks so much for passing it along. Do I need to post some randomness about me? If so, I have a ton. Oh where to begin? You are so sweet. Thanks for thinking of me. :) Blessings...

Mrs. C... said...

I strangely knew a lot of those facts about you, and it made me love you even more. The one shocker was a new toilet seat???? REALLY??? I have never bought a new one, but need to as one of ours broke. You are a treasure to me, incase you had forgotten that! Smooches

patty said...

awesome! congrats... and your boys are just adorable and very blogworthy! it takes me back always to when my two boys were that little and we lived in texas... so if you feel it, keep blogging on them, girl! :)