Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Weeks- Day 4

One of my new blog friends Jenn at Seizing My Day posted about a little girl named
Kayla is in the hospital with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
She spends a lot of time there in the hospital, but she loves to receive mail. So the boys and I put together a small Valentine for Kayla, and will mail it out today.

Because love is not for us to keep to ourselves.
You know, that whole "Love thy neighbor as yourself."
Two small packs of stickers and a small note... both boys signed their names.

And on an entirely different note, here is what my door on the wall looks like for now.
(I didn't make the garland, I bought it last year at Homegoods.)
Hugs, ~Mrs. Dunbar


On the Bright Side said...

I'm glad you posted this because I had meant to send a card to the little girl and then forgot! I'm going to do the same today! thanks! :)

Stephanie said...

So cute! My brother was diagnosed with ALL when when he was only 18 months... he is a big, healthy 28 year old wonderful man! God is good and I am sure that these little notes just light up that precious girls day! Thanks for sharing.


Genn said...

Oh that is so sweet of you. She is going to love opening up her special mail. Your addressed the envelope so cute too.

Genn said...

*you addressed the envelope ...
not your


Cathy said...

"Love is not for us to keep to ourselves." The simplicity and depth of that is astounding!

jen@odbt said...

So sweet and I love your handwriting.

patty said...

aww! you are so thoughtful-i'm sure she will be tickled to receive her package and to know she's being thought of!

Just Jenn said...

Thank you for calling me friend! =) and for giving me a little 'shout out' ... and esp. Thank you for mailing to Kayla! =) our little package is hitting the mail today too! (finally!)
I am blessed to be blogging with you!
Just Jenn~ =)