Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Motherhood

No matter how many times you get them a "Drink, please!"
Which adds up to sippy cup upon sippy cup, you do it.

Just so you can snuggle with them while they drink their milk, or way-watered down juice.
Because all mom's know that these days are numbered.

"Motherhood is learning to live with your heart outside your body."
I've always loved this quote.

~mrs. dunbar


patty said...

beautiful!! and those snuggle-on-my-lap moments are SO numbered! :)
thanks for linking!! :)

Amy Prikazsky said...

Enjoy every minute! Have a great Tuesday!

Martha said...

Love this post and that it!

Whittaker Woman said...

I am laughing at how we always talked about getting together and the more i read your blog the more I realize we would of had a lot of fun. I see a lot of me in you... Is that weird? I don't mean to be weird? LOL!
Love your blog my friend. One day maybe we can do makeup together! H

jen@odbt said...

Awesome. Just what I needed to read this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder.