Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Pinata

This was by far the best part of the party.
Can you tell what the pinata was?
My dad couldn't.
He kept asking everyone, "Do you know what it is? Come on??" 
Bogie liked it.
It's a cupcake.
They didn't have any icecream cones.
Trying to get the rope over the tree branch was a feat. Our basketball-marathon runner dad, got the lemon tied rope down. The kids were all excited.

About half way through the line of kids the pinata fell off the rope. But the dad's couldn't get the rope back up over the branch. So this guy decided to climb the tree. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. This brown guy up in my tree trying the grab a rope over a branch.  Hilarious. I almost peed in my pants I was laughing so hard. But he got the job done and the bigger kids were able to take a hit.


So do you have pinatas at your kids' parties?

~mrs. dunbar


carissa said...

i'm definitely having a pinata at my kid's bday's when they are old enough. i used to love them as a kiddie.

The Salinas Family said...

I am glad to report that that "brown guy" belongs to me and...regardless of his age he is SAFE and SURVIVED! He kept telling me that he thought someone younger would volunteer, but they never did. My response.....you never gave a younger guy a chance! You just dove or "climbed" right into it!!

Amy said...

I'm thinking I might get to meet you this weekend at Cayden's birthday?? I see Jeff in those pictures??

Tawny said...

Such an adorable birthday theme! You always have the best ideas! I still love the one you did for Monkey a while back!
Totally have to have a pinata...watching them hit is the BEST part!
I can't believe your little man has gotten SO big! I remember seeing you guys at Vons thinking, "what, they have two kiddos?"

Ali said...

What a nice guy Bill is to risk his life climbing the tree for the little guys!!! The pinana was a hit. Being that this is our first party and all we don't have experience with pinatas but we ran out right when we left your house and got one:-) It'll be a first.
Yepppp Amy, the Dunbar family will be there, right??!!!! :-)

Seizing My Day said...

I have the funnest picture of my husband running through the back yard of our old rental... with a unicorn pinata in his hand... neighing all the way... and about 10 little girls dressed in tutu's running after him..... Priceless!! ;) such wonderful memories! I love the huge one y'all have... it was a cup cake?? ;)

Just Jenn~!

Amy Prikazsky said...

I bet the kids loved the pinata. As I kept scrolling down I was secretly wishing I could have been there to hit it! Lol! I haven't hit one in a LONG time! Lol! Looks like the party was so much fun! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Martha said...

what a fun pinata!!! Looks like a blast!

Cathy said...

Yes, we've had them! So fun for the kids, but nerve-wracking for mothers:kids + blindfold + bats = trouble!

jen@odbt said...

That is the biggest pinata I've seen ever. The shot of Bogie hugging it is so sweet.

Genn said...

What a great idea for a birthday pary. What kid doesn't like ice cream, or being social? Cute!

I love your sweater you wore for the social. So cute.

And that pinata looks like a blast for the kids. I don't think I would have guessed cupcake though.

When my husband and I got married some friends threw us a really nice couples shower. We had a bride and groom pinata, but while we were blindfolded, they switched out the pinata and it was something that I can not mention on this blog. :) Pinatas are fun.

Unknown said...

How fun! We had a little pinata fiasco ourselves on Saturday. The Thomas pinata that I got for Marius started to split in half after I filled it up with stuff. The guys tried to tape it up and tie rope around it. After a couple hits, the whole thing split in half again. What a bummer. Most of the kids never got a chance to hit it.

I don't think I can have a party without a pinata. That's the first thing my kids want to pick out for their parties.

Happy Birthday, Bogie!

sara said...

I've never had a pinata at a party but I'm rethinking that after seeing this post - what fun!

Lori said...

I've already bought a pinata for our summer birthday party, but I'm unsure about pinata protocol. Do all the kids need to know up front that they might not be able to hit it, but they'll all get candy? Any tips?

patty said...

we did, when we lived in texas... every event! (:o
great photos!