Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two, He's Two

Happy Birthday, my dear sweet, fiesty Bogie.
I love you more than words.
On your second birthday you:
Love your daddy. All you want is daddy. All you say is Daddy. For the first 23 months of your life all you wanted was mommy, and now, if daddy is home you don't know that mommy exists.
You can put up to five words together. The other day at the market when you let your balloon go, the poor box boy who came around the corner was ordered with," Get it down, my balloon!" Of which, he promptly did.
You say, "I won!" for everything and you throw your hands up like a football referee.
You always eat standing up. And I can't keep you clean for anything.
Braley is still your lovie, by YOUR choice.
Your heart is almost completely healed now.
Your skin however is a different story. Every 3 weeks we see your dermatologist.
On demand, you will howl like the wolves, beat your chest like a gorilla, and whoot like an owl.
And you are absolutely perfect.


Cathy said...

Oh how the time flies! Bogie is so very blessed to have you as his mama. {And you are SUCH a talented photographer.}

feather said...

what a doll. is he sneaking candy back there? two year olds do that...

carissa said...

such a handsome birthday boy!

jen@odbt said...

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Bogie. What a handsome and fun fellow.

Seizing My Day said...

is he hiding with his cupcake?? LOL! SO cute! miss that stage!! kinda. =)
Just Jenn~

Katie said...

Happy Birthday MR. 2!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear bogie! happy birthday to you! you big boy you! xo

Lori said...

Bet you had a great time celebrating him this weekend! Stop by for my giveaway and win him some adorable shoes as a post-bday gift! ;)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday little man. We all miss you very much! Hope your celebration was extra fun and super special!
Uncle J, Auntie and your cousins!

patty said...

what a beautiful message to him! love the picture, too... caught! :)