Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bid Day


Bid Day is the day that each girl and sorority find out who they were matched with. It’s an exciting day for everyone. In fact its one of my favorite events in Sorority Life. Each year after the match and pictures my Chapter takes the new girls around town and back to an Alumna’s house for dinner and dessert. This year for dessert they got cupcakes of either a lamb (our house mascot…)

IMG_5885Or a carnation, our flower. Aren’t these cupcakes adorable? One of the sisters made them. I wonder if she does little boys birthday cupcakes, too?IMG_5883

The rest of the Chapter got Costco cake. Where’s the love?IMG_5890

This girl was smiling from ear to ear she was so excited. It’s always thrilling to watch them. IMG_5894

This girl is a legacy. Isn’t she just adorable?IMG_5897

After dinner, the new girls were getting instructions on how their Fall Calendar will quickly be filled up with events and meetings. Again, do you see the smiles or looks of wonder?IMG_5906 IMG_5907

IMG_5909 And then there were all of the old people that came along. Our Alumnae Link is working really well because there were six women in the picture below that are actually from different Chapters throughout the US. The elderly woman, third in from the left, in the back row; she’s been an advisor since the year I was BORN. Seriously. IMG_5901 IMG_5916

Good times.

~mrs. dunbar


The Salinas Family said...

You did sorority stuff this week? How fun! Too bad the Air Force doesn't have one!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Such adorable cupcakes!! Is it me, or do college age girls get younger looking every year?

Seizing My Day said...

I need one of those cupcakes! Wow!! =) I was not so much into the sorority thing... can we still be friends? does being a girl scout mom make up for it? ha ha! =)

Sarah said...

Hey Mrs Dunabr...gorgeous cupcakes and photos of the girls. Being an Aussie I have no clue what sorority is...lol, the photos are delightful! xxx

Genn said...

Fun stuff. :)

{cindy} said...

I remember those days.....sigh...
Beautiful photos and yummy looking cupcakes!
Making me want sugar way to early in the morning!
Enjoy the day