Wednesday, October 20, 2010

life this week

Ahh. Wednesday again. The days seem so long right now, but then I look at the calendar and they are passing quickly.

I got gas at Costco this morning and totally jammed my finger. It had blood and everything. If I hadn’t been wearing a nice wool sweater I would have been tempted to just wipe the blood spillage on my sweater, luckily I remembered my closet is very limited these days and blood stains are not the easiest to remove. So I stuck it out until we picked up Monkey from school and politely asked for a Band-Aid. The teacher gave me a Dora one, I felt so special.

I’m reading the most pointless book ever. The Secret Papers of Madame Olivetti. It’s 275 pages long, I’m on page 200 and have yet to figure out what the heck is the point of it. I’ll pass it on to my MIL when I’m done, and she’ll be able to tell me.

I’m still wondering why I vacuumed my car this past weekend. On my next car I need it to have mats that extend out prior to entering so boys can wipe their feet before they trample into the vehicle. Anyone got a seven or eight-seater car that they absolutely love?  We’ll be shopping pretty soon for a new family car. My mom says I need a Land Rover. Mr. Dunbar said, “Sure. If she’s making the payments.”  So what’dya say, Mom?

Monkey had his first class party of the year. The Pumpkin Patch Party. They actually had centers during the party. (Teachers after my own heart; creative yet controlled parties.) Face painting. Small craft. And then cookie decorating. I wish school was always this fun for kids.  IMG_6328IMG_6331

We went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner last night. Tuesdays are Family Night there. Don’t go. It’s madness. The boys enjoyed every single minute of it. I wanted to bring them home and spray them down with bleach, but I didn’t. I just washed them twice. IMG_6346 IMG_6350 IMG_6347

My dad came over last night. He’s doing some training for trainers at his work. His homework was to put together a 12 minute speech on any topic of his choice. Did you know he chose his grandkids! Seriously? He’s got the most amazing daughter in the whole world and he chose to speak about seven munchkins. I’m still in disbelief. But, being the good daughter I am, I helped him put it together. (My bill is in the mail.)

That I think about sums up my week up to this point.

Have a great day!

~mrs. dunbar


Jill said...

sounds like a great day...filled with precious family! (and your re-count is too funny!)
Hope your finger is feeling better! :)

Lori said...

OUCH! I always did my class parties set up with stations that included learning activities. My thought was the children are used to structure so why let the party be crazy? Hope the rest of your week is fun filled

jen@odbt said...

Trade weeks with you and I'll even take the jammed bloody finger. It's been a trying one and it doesn't even have anything to do with my own family.

Seizing My Day said...

ouch. ;) my sister really loves her Honda Pilot... 7 seater? my sister in law loves her Honda minivan... as do many of my friends... me... we love our Honda CRV ;) we miss our little VW golf!! Love the shot of all those little kids in the restaurant!!

Amber said...

Go for the mini van...join the club!
Believe me you aren't going to want to have all three in the front of seat (if you were to choose a SUV) touching and teasing each other or climbing over the seats to get to the back row.

Good luck... we know a buyer for your car, if you need one.

ps you have a track record of seriously hurting your hands and fingers..what's up with that? :)

Alisa said...

organized class parties are so much better than the ones where the kids just "hang out". I hate those!

We just bought a new to us '08 Chrysler Town and Country and I ♥♥♥ it. It drives like a really nice sedan and the all room is so nice. I know your guys are pretty little, but it won't be long before every time you go somewhere you'll have all their friends too. The extra seats/room come in handy.