Monday, October 18, 2010

A Shower


My Aunt hosted a Baby Shower this weekend for my cousin. It was a big deal since my cousin lives on the East Coast and this would probably be the only opportunity for everyone to see her while she’s preggo with her first baby.  The two of us are due less than two weeks apart. IMG_6312c

Baby’s last name will be Rush, and although it will be a GIRL her daddy already had a BOY name picked out: Nathan Alexander Scott C? Asher Rush, so they could call him NASCAR. Men, what will we ever do with them?IMG_6290

The carrier on the gifts-table for cards.IMG_6287

My mom and my SIL are like the queen’s of wrapping pretty gifts. This was my mom’s gift.IMG_6306 This little green bag was my attempt at being cute. As always I got practical little things for baby: teething tablets, Vick’s Baby Rub, Clotrimiazole (for yeast infections, gross- but handy), Mylicon, pacifiers, and other little odds and ends that send Daddy’s to the pharmacy in the middle of the night. IMG_6304 copy

Hors d'oeuvres and dessert table.


The weather got pretty crabby on us with a cool mist and breeze. So everyone had to huddle closer together and I served more cups of coffee then a Starbucks Barista on a rainy morning. My mom also threw together an apple cinnamon tea that the ladies loved. It made the house smell divine. The tables were set to a lovely yellow and green color scheme.IMG_6288IMG_6299

It was a busy afternoon, full of all things baby.

And to end this post… of course, a belly shot. IMG_6310_edited-1   

   ~mrs. dunbar


Cathy said...

looks like great fun--even if a bit chilly. you look radiant, my dear. sure wish we could throw YOU a pretty shower! xoxo

jen@odbt said...

Nascar...that's funny. I've actually heard stories of dads naming their kids Espn, not initials. That would be their son's first name. You two look adorable. What a fun afternoon!

Lori said...

how fun. and what a funny idea with the name. I joked when our sons were born and said we were going to name him Ulysses Charles F(our last name) since his initials would be UCF the university that my hubby went to where we go to the football games

Ali said...

I agree, you do look ridiant!
What a beautiful baby shower. I love the flower arrangements and gift bags on the tables. What goodies were inside?

Mrs. C... said...

Oh, I can't wait for YOUR shower! Cathy will even get an invite, and that is how we can get her out here! Ha, my evil plans are coming together nicely my friend. It was GREAT to see you on the soccer fields. Right after I left you, I had to run back and get ice - FOR B!!! He smashed his hand putting up the banner. Boys, never stop getting owwies. ;)

Megan said...

Beautiful shower - love those little booties! You look amazing and love the tummy pic!

Amber said...

i missed out on apple cinnamon tea? bummer! I need the recipe ( if there is one) for that. You two look so cute in your red dresses and baby bumps!

Martha said...

you two are so cute cute and how fun due so close together!!! Beautiful, beautiful shower for her

Genn said...

Looks like a beautiful shower. You both look great in your pretty dresses and rocking the bumps.

Seizing My Day said...

You both look fabulous!! it has been a long time since I have held a baby... I need more pregnant friends that live near by!! all this baby stuff is making me long to hold one!! ;)

{cindy} said...

Oh I LOVE baby showers!
So cute!!
Enjoy the day

Alisa said...

What a lovely shower!! You are glowing! I sure hope someone is throwing you a nice big shower like that!

Ashley said...

Your little bump is just TOO cute!:)