Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Backyard Sports and some other stuff

The boys are smitten with playing soccer in the backyard.

Here’s the goalie.

(Who doesn’t play good soccer in their boxers?)


Eyes on the ball.



IMG_6009IMG_6028  Daddy would be so proud.

We are off to the dentist today. Monkey has been suffering some mean mouth pains and we are going in to see Dr. Crystal, she is finally back from Boston. Hallelujah. Our pediatrician was pretty impressed that I was texting my dentist with updates and questions. I told the pediatrician, “She’s got great service and we’re just tight like that.” She just started laughing.

Anywho… wish us luck.

Well Monkey, atleast, he’s terrified Dr. Crystal is going to stick a drill in his mouth. So we had a big conversation last night about how Dr. Crystal is really Cousin Crystal. And how much we love our cousins and would never do anything to hurt them. So Cousin Crystal loves him and only wants him to feel better. (It didn’t work.)

Prayers appreciated.

Also one of my closest friends is going in for surgery this afternoon to fix her wrist and arm that is broken in five places. She fell at work.

Elementary teachers: stop climbing up on chairs to make your classrooms colorful , bright,  fun interactive learning places!!!

Parents: next time you go in to your child’s classroom, please understand that all of those pretty papers and art projects didn’t fly onto the walls, someone risked their life putting them up. ha.

So, she could definitely use a prayer today as well.

~mrs. dunbar


Megan said...

Aw, sounds like you guys have lots going on. Good luck at the dentist...not our favorite place, but he will feel so much better afterwards. And many prayers for your friend. I used to teach and would often think as I was mid air reaching for the ceiling how bad it would hurt if I fell...bless her heart! Let us know how it all goes today!

Lori said...

looks like lots of backyard fun. hope things go well with the dentist and your little guy. As a former teacher I can totally understand how she could have fallen and gotten hurt. I can't tell you how many time I stood on a chair on a table to put something up and thought... I'm going to fall and kill myself

{cindy} said...

Seems like us teachers have a sickness for stretching and reaching high places!!:)
I remember those days.
Prayers for you and your little guy.
And for your high reaching friend.:)
Enjoy the day

jen@odbt said...

Prayers for Monkey and your friend. Hope everything turns out ok.

Simply...Me said...

My poor baby, he is in our prayers. And a side note on the boxers....classic :)

Ali said...

Love the boxers and the backyard soccer practice!

Poor Casey :0(

Mrs. C... said...

Guilty of risking life and limb for cute decorations. Not just in the classroom either - have you seen my bookcase???? Also, will keep Monkey in prayers. If you wouldn't have pointed out Bogie's boxers, I would have thought they were swim trunks. Especially this week.

Martha said...

cute, cute pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the dentist went well! Poor little guy. Prayers to your friend too.

Sarah said...

Loving that blue hoodie...too adorable! Oh, praying for the little man right now! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope Monkey is doing okay, and your friend, too! Yes, I remember many near falls and injuries in order to have a decorative classroom. Don't miss those days! We miss you guys. Haven't seen you much lately. We'll be back to music this week (lots of stuff going on at M's school recently). Hope you're doing well!