Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 Things with Less than 10 days to go…

1. We cut way back on gifts this year, so I only have two more people to shop for: Mom and Dad. Why are they always the hardest to buy for? Ummm, because they have everything!

2. The boys and I were going to take dinner to them yesterday, so I called my mom letting her know that dinner would be waiting for them when they got home, as we were putting on shoes someone was tapping at my door; Dad. Ha. Saved me a trip (and he didn’t even know it), but the boys were mad because they wanted to play on his iPad.

3. Going to Costco today. Gotta buy the dogs a new bed, Dodger hates the one they have now and I have to get razors for Mr. Dunbar. Does anyone know if they sell powdered sugar and cocoa?

4. After Costco we’re making treats for all of the boys’ teachers. My boys have got 12 of them! Seriously. I can’t wait for the one teacher classroom. Then I am going to spoil that woman of the year like crazy!  (I know what it feels like to be on the other side.)

5. I was missing work the other day. I miss my friends and my students and the Christmas-time aura that’s in the air this time of year. I was feeling sad thinking about Staff Breakfasts and Staff Parties and Secret Santa’s, but then somebody kicked me in the ribs, what a wake up call! And I remembered that home is where I need to be right now. There will always be other people’s children to teach and I still have great friends. Someday I’ll be back at a school site doing something. Probably working as a lunch lady! Ha.

6. It’s raining. Monday and Tuesday we were wearing flips and shorts and today it’s raining. I think I’ll put on Miracle on 34th Street and make popcorn later on this afternoon.

7. Bogie redecorated the tree yesterday. Now it truly looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas. Ornaments on the floor and bottom two branches, gold strands hung like a bad scene from Pirates of the Carribean (the ride), lights bundled in spots and empty in others. He was happy.

8. I bought wrapping paper after Christmas last year. You know, when you get it for 50%off. Well let me tell you, you get what you pay for, the cheap stuff kept ripping as I was trying to tighten corners. Next year, I’m using paper bags, the brown ones, and if we’re lucky they’ll come from Trader Joes; they always put cool Christmas print on the bags. One year I bought a roll from Costco, it lasted me like 4 years, I hated it by the time it was all gone. The moral: never buy super cheap paper and unless you’re wrapping gifts in the mall don’t buy paper from Costco.

9. I am loving Amazon Prime. Two day shipping rocks. I feel like I just registered for my wedding with all of the boxes that arrived yesterday. The UPS guy smirked at me. Ha. He knows I love him. Mr. Dunbar knows I love our UPS guy too. I get all giddy any time his truck pulls up. And my UPS guy is still rockin his 80’s mustache. Sweet.

10. I made coffee this morning for Mr. Dunbar. It was the first time I’ve ever done that. In seven years of marriage. I’m not joking. It was a labor of love. I feel like a real grown-up now. Okay, off to check off my list of things to do. I’m wired, since I had coffee at 5am.

xmas 2010 082

~mrs. dunbar


Cathy said...

Fun always think of the best gifts (dinner for your parents!). I'm sure your little classroom gets lonely sometimes, but i'm so glad you listen to your "principal's" still small voice :) You will never regret leaving the big classroom for the little...the big one will wait for your return but the little one disappears like a vapor before you know it. xoxo

Mindy M. Harris said...

nice to meet you mrs. dunbar. i may be hooked on your blog.
shawn and i have been married 7 yrs, too, and we have yet to experience the 7-yr-itch...phew!

Genn said...

I can't believe you just made coffee for the first time in 7 years. You must not drink it regularly? I drank it even when I was pregnant with Claire! I'm a bit addicted.

Cute list of random stuff.
Yes Costco should have what you need.
How nice to make your parents dinner.
I brought enchiladas to a friend yesterday too.
Yes the flip flops and now rain. Crazy.
And that kick in your ribs... what a wake up call huh. It is easy to miss the fun of what once was but this is so much better.
Merry 10 days left til Christmas!

Simply...Me said...

Thats real sweet of you to make him coffee, you wanna come over and make mine? Sounds like you are enjoying life right now, that is wonderful!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

sounds like a good list to me. I decided to get a gift for Blake's primary teacher and then just get a cookie tray for the staff which will cover everyone else. I bet your hubby loved the fact that you made him coffee

Michelle said...

Yes Costco does have powdered sugar, not sure about the cocoa. I totally agree on the cheap wrapping paper. I'm trying to use it up this year. My friend bought a giant roll of butcher paper at Costco and that what she uses, simple yet sturdy. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Seizing My Day said...

You can buy brown paper at the dollar store!! thinner than bags but not toooo thin!! =) my kids want santas and penquins and the like on their paper... I miss brown paper wrap with stamps on it!! =) that is my style!! Love the description of the re-decorated tree!! ha ha ha!! Merlin has forced us to put every thing on the top 2/3 of our tree... Rascal!!! =) and no beads or tinsel or ribbon this year either!! darn dog!

Seizing My Day said...

seriously did I put a q in penguin?? UGH!!! =)

Mrs. C... said...

Very fun list.....I spoil my kids teachers too. The hub bub of school is NOTHING compared to being home and baking cookies or making marshmellow snowmen. Parents are parents, can't help you there. You are a great wife who loves her man, that is why we keep them guessing on what we are willing to do for them. As for the UPS guy - mine and me are on first name that bad? Brent laughs because he also knows our "Brown guy" by name and adores him too!