Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It’s a Wonderful Life

Well, the weekend came and went. Flew by actually. We had a fun family weekend. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed down to see “the Mouse.” Our passes are expiring soon and we’re not going to renew this upcoming year, so we figured we might as well get in a few trips before the gates are locked.

I know you’re supposed to being praying during prayer, but I couldn’t help but capture this sweet moment as my boys joined hands.xmas 2010 280 xmas 2010 304

Bogie is in LOVE with the Go Coaster. He had the guys riding it three times in a row, and he would have kept going if someone else wouldn’t have thrown a fit. (They are in the last 2 rows.)xmas 2010 282 copy

Daddy is explaining why we have to let Bogie have turns at choosing rides…xmas 2010 285xmas 2010 287 copy xmas 2010 281    xmas 2010 289 copy  Blurry, I know, but again such fun moments in time.xmas 2010 293

Ah, and of course, our controversial stop at Disneyland. We do this every. single. time.

The Shooting Gallery.

The boys love it, absolutely love it.

I don’t know what it is.

Some innate manly urge to shoot things.

And so we spend $1 on each and every trip letting them do this.xmas 2010 295 xmas 2010 296 xmas 2010 297

xmas 2010 300

xmas 2010 303

Bye, Bye Mickey.xmas 2010 290 copy

xmas 2010 309 copy

I also found this fun little treat, on a blog I cannot find now. (If you do, let me know please.)

You take Rolos. xmas 2010 311

And mini-pretzels.xmas 2010 312 xmas 2010 313

Melt them slightly, about 30-40 seconds.xmas 2010 314

They are so fun, easy, and yummy.   xmas 2010 316

I put them on top of wax paper, so when it was time to transfer to a platter it was easy-peasy to peel them off.

Good times.

Good eats.

~mrs. dunbar


jules said...

Oh your weather looks scrumptious, and so do those treats.

Lori said...

I know a lot of people who make those rolo/pretzel things although I've never made them myself. Looks like they had fun visiting the mouse!

Megan said...

Oh that picture of the boys holding hands...pure sweetness!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Hope you're feeling well.

Simply...Me said...

looks like fun! cute and easy treat idea!

Mrs. C... said...

NO WAY!!!! WE were there on Saturday!!! We would have ridden Go Coaster with you!! We went for two things: Reindeer, and the parade. The rest was bonus. We literally were only there for 4 hours, and it was perfect. I CAN NOT believe that you were there too. Bummer!

Shannon said...

I can't even tell you how many times we have been on that Go Coaster, it's a favorite in our family as well! Isn't Disneyland the best with the kiddos :)

Martha said...

what a fun day...love the pictures and those treats look so yummy!

Alisa said...

My dad raced cars when I was growing up and we went to California every summer. As part of our yearly trip we always went to Disneyland. What great memories!! I'm sure your kids had a wonderful time.

I posted those treats a LONG time ago so I'm pretty sure you didn't get them off my blog, but they are SOOOO yummy. I'll be making them this weekend for sure. Actually, that's one treat that my 10 year old normally makes for us, but I'm happy to eat them =)

Lori said...

Thanks for reminding me of those treats! I'm all about the goodies that are easy to make.

As for Disneyland in the winter... it looks even more magical. :) Great shots!