Monday, February 21, 2011

A Belated Valentine Dinner

Let me start at the beginning.

This was the 8th Valentine Dinner that we have spent together.

The 8th time our friends, the Jansen’s, have opened up their home, turned it into a 5-star restaurant and made us all feel like a million bucks.

The 8th year that Mr. Dunbar and I have celebrated Valentines Day as a married couple.

The very first dinner actually fell on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Mrs. Jansen didn’t even know if we would attend since it was our first Love Day as newlyweds, we’d been married a whoppin’ 3 months at the time. But we did go and now we wouldn’t miss it, ever. (Unless of course, I had been in the hospital this year, but I wasn’t. That was all God, I’m convinced.)

Mrs. Jansen and Mrs. CFeb 166

I don’t even have words to describe the amount of dedication that is poured into this dinner. There is an extraordinary amount of love that you can feel each and every year around that dinner table. It is always a different menu, a new theme, a fresh vision. No detail is overlooked. This year she called it KISS.

Feb 175 

Heart rocks collected over the years. Feb 173Feb 174Feb 176

Mrs. Jansen even bought me some red Italian soda, so I could feel like a grown-up. I had my very own bottle while everyone else was diving into the wine.Feb 170 Feb 167

Homemade foccacia and wine.

  Feb 171

Salad Course: I didn’t get a picture of the yummy salad; fresh greens, artichokes, pomegranate and orange.

Soup Course: Toscana Sausage    Feb 177

Main Course:

Girls were saucy: stuffed pasta with I don’t even know what. It was delicious.

The boys were meaty: they had chicken with sauce and polenta.

Feb 187

Trying to get a picture with my husband. His friends still haven’t grown up. Feb 182Feb 183c

And Dessert: Oh my.

Chocolate dripping cupcake, torte, and heart shaped creamy goodness.

But it gets better…Feb 203 Feb 205

Inside the cupcake… it was filled with pop-rocks.

Have you ever had a pop-rock filled cupcake?


Feb 209

It was such a fun evening. We haven’t gotten together in a while since we’re no longer in Small Group all together. But we do share a very special friendship with these couples. Feb 213Feb 211

Mr. Dunbar and I joined this Small Group the month before we got married. And every Wednesday night for almost 4 years we were mentored and loved on by these friends. (Older) Wives who taught me how to respect my husband and let him lead. (Older) husbands who taught Mr. Dunbar how to lead and love a wife and family. They truly helped build a solid God-Focused foundation for a good marriage for Mr. Dunbar and I.

And for that we are forever thankful!

~mrs. dunbar

PS No baby yet.


Anonymous said...

So nice to have friends like that!

Baby, Baby where are you? :))

{cindy} said...

What an amazing night. You can really feel the love in those photos.
You guys are a lucky pair!!
Have a happy night

Lori said...

looks like a fun night. I never heard or putting pop rocks in cupcakes... sounds interesting

Genn said...

What a fabulously fun night! And what a special group of friends you and Mr. Dunbar are a part of. That close up pic of the two of you is so great. I say frame it. :)
Dinner made me hungry. It all looked delish.

Hope that baby come soon for you!

Unknown said...

wow very good your family and beautiful your all photo's . i like that and lovely recipe . i think very tested and great idea for Valentine dinner. fantastic your dinner planning. thanks

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It's Grace said...

What an amazing dinner and tradition with your friends. It's evident a lot of love and planning goes into these dinners. Thanks for sharing the great pics!!

No baby yet, huh? They do take their time, don't they? My first was 12 days late and we scheduled the second one.

Praying for you...

Jensamom23 said...

What a wonderful tradition and wonderful looking food. Being involved in a Small Group like that must have been powerful and important experience. Praying for baby to come soon, when he is ready...Blessings!

Simply...Me said...

What a blessing!

Mrs. C... said...

Seriously a fun night, and I think that God answered MY prayer, in letting you attend! The next time you get a date night like that will be........oh, let's not go there! :) Blessings friend, and sorry that my husband hasn't grown up. Maybe next year when he is 40! Teee Heeeee

Ali said...

Wow that food looks delicious.... and the dessert to die for :0) Yummy!