Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quiet Super Bowl

We spent a sunny, but quiet afternoon watching Super Bowl 45.  I made meatballs, the latest “sell” from the Trader Joe’s tasting booth. My boys loved em. We also had mini tacos, chips, guac, celery and carrot sticks. Not too unhealthy finger foods for what is usually such a fattening day. Feb 044Feb 047

Bogie planted himself right in Mr. Dunbar’s lap.Feb 045


Feb 048

Bogie didn’t really care either way, he was playing his own games. Feb 046 Feb 049Feb 057   

The belly this weekend. Feb 052Feb 054

Can you see him shifting?  Exhibit A.Feb 061

Exhibit B. Feb 059

He’s still rocking and rolling as I type this. Crazy to think that he could be here any day, I thought he’d show up super early, but perhaps he’ll be like his biggest brother and want to bake for a week longer than expected. Either way, it’ll be fine. (Just pray my water doesn’t break all over my wood floors, and my friend Erin made a good point of sitting on a towel in my new car…) I’ve never had to really worry about this at the very end as the older two ended up being scheduled and induced.

Feb 055 Feb 056 The boys managed to stay like this until almost half time. We stayed in to watch the show, which I thought was spectacular,  then I had to take the boys out to ride their bikes. Who knew that while the Super Bowl was on, not one car would drive down our street. It was fabulous.

Okay, do share what’d you do for Super Bowl. Or your water breaking stories, I’m curious.

~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

my guys were sound asleep for the super bowl. I watched it more for the commercials this year. looks like you had a lot of fun enjoying the game

{cindy} said...

Oh I love those belly roll pictures!!
I just loved watching those sweeties move!
Quiet super bowl day and no exciting water breaking stories. They were all broken in the hospital....bp issues!ugh!!
Have a happy day!

Jensamom23 said...

Your Super Bowl Sunday looks and sounds like perfection! Induced once, C-Section and water broke in the hospital for the exciting or embarrassing stories, here...sorry. :-)

jen@odbt said...

I remember belly shifts - it was so strange esp during the first pregnancy. We had a quiet SB too - lots of appetizers for dinner and we ate in front of the tv (a treat). It was great! My water broke at work with my first! I think I posted about it. It was very interesting esp since my manager (a male) offered to drive me but there was no way I was going to ruin his car.

It's Grace said...

Looks like a fun day to me! We had a family dinner at my parents and the girls watched a Murder She Wrote marathon on the Hallmark Channel in the kitchen and the guys watched football downstairs. Then we watched Little House after we got home. :)

My water has never broken on it's own. I've been induced both times and the second ended up being an emergency c-section.

I see the shift and it's oh so adorable!! What a sweet baby!! Praying for you :)

Simply...Me said...

We partied like rock stars, well not really. We went to our friends who had a house full of people we knew from hs for a pre super-bowl party and stayed up till 4am then the next day got up at 7:30 on Sunday to do it all over again. Games, food, spa, lots of was tons of fun.

Oh yes, water never broke on its own but Adam did take extra precaution to completely cover the front seat in black trash bags and duct tape, "just in case."

Genn said...

Hi Irene. Sounds like a great day. You look so pretty in green. Great color on you. Fun belly shots too.

We went to a friends for the first half of the game, and then my parents house for the second half. And my water never broke with both girls. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting... Hope you have a swift delivery! I bet you will.

Lori said...

My girls saw your picture and asked if I know you. I said that I do via the computer, which seemed to make sense to them. :) Then my youngest asked, "Does she love God?"

So, greeting from the 3 of us. :) Looks like a nice day!

Nicolle said...

Hi! Congratulations on another boy. You are going to have fun with 3 boys in the house! The meatballs sound yummy. Everyone has a Trader Joe's. I'm jealous. :) We don't have them here in Texas.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

Seizing My Day said...

Oh my goodness... love the belly shifting shots!! that is the ONLY thing I Loved about pregnancy!! it was not good to me!! ;)

So exciting that the time is so so near!! ;)


Mrs. C... said...

Oh yeah....under the towels, I would use two by the way.....We put trash bags so the towel would soak up most of the water, but the plastic would still protect the seat from moisture. It worked well when I had to go back after G!

Amber said...

I delivered my bag of water with Avery. I had every doctor and nurse checking it out. Nice, huh!? I felt like some sort of freak show. Supposedly it doesn't happen very often and everyone was interested to see what it was.

TMI?? Maybe, but you asked! lol

Ashley said...

Just checkin in on baby!;)