Thursday, October 20, 2011

How Dad’s do Dinner

The other night I asked Mr. Dunbar to help me put dinner together. I told him it was pretty simple, the directions were on the counter.


Easy Peasy.

A pizza crust, some provolone, a little parmesan, salami, garlic and crushed red pepper flakes.


Then bake.


He did a great job. Came out perfect.


I got out some veggies. Chopped them up for a salad. Made the pizza dipping sauce. Served it all up.


Monkey say’s, “Dad, you make the BEST stromboli ever. Papa makes the best cookies.”


Ummm, excuse me?  Mom did all of the work. Oh and Papa’s cookies? Yeah, those are all Pillsbury.


The boys have asked for Stromboli twice since then. They want it in their lunch. They want it for dinner tomorrow. If anything, I think I found a new go to dinner, that even Mr. Dunbar can handle.

Do you have a go-to dinner? Do share. 

~mrs. dunbar


Janna said...

YUM!!!! Never thought of trying that, but totally will this weekend. My go to dinner is fancy pasta. All it is - noodles with a nice jar & meat sauce, but the secret ingredients I simmer in the sauce are about 1/4 c. red wine, then 1/4 c. heavy cream for a restaurant style sauce. Super easy, but way better than Ragu.

Janna said...

p.s. I just pinned your stromboli on Pinterest.

{cindy} said...

That is funny!!
Dave does all the cooking so "Papa really does make the best everything!!:)
That stromboli looks awesome are making me hungry!
have a happy day

Lori said...

that is too funny. my husband has a few go to dinners that he makes. I guess the most popular is grilled pizza. That stromboli looks yummy

Nicolle said...

Now I want a stromboli! This post cracked me up. We can work so hard in the kitchen, but it's the simple recipes that are always a hit. I can't think of our go to dinner. We always have salad and sandwich stuff, so we turn to that a lot when I am "done" by dinner time.


jen@odbt said...

Yum - please share the recipe. And love that Mr D made it. I'm guessing this is his thing now and he should be in charge of this dinner :)

Genn said...

Mr Dunbar, what a guy! :)
The stromboli looks delish!
Yeah, it is funny how the kids choose to love the simple stuff, or I guess just anything that their Daddy makes.
One of my go to's for when I desperately need to go go the market is TJ's frozen orange chicken and a package of their frozen organic brown rice. I usually serve it with some steamed broccoli and the whole fam loves it. Eassssssy.

oh, and the pulled pork- I had tried it on a whim, i was gonna make it and I was really tired and that caught my eye and i thought, oooooo, way easier than making it tonight! It was good and it is in refrigerated section by produce. ;)

Genn said...

go to... not go go... ;)