Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas was only a month ago, Take 2

So Christmas was way different this year. Mr. Dunbar worked early on Christmas Eve, we didn’t celebrate with the immediate Dunbar’s as they were ALL out of town, we saw my parents here at the house, and then we headed out to the Happiest Place on Earth. Strange, in a good way.

My parents came over on Christmas Eve to give the boys their gift. I warned them ahead of time it would be different than years past. (With the MOUNTAIN of presents.) Chunk was napping while this was happening.


Monkey is like, “What’s this?” It was a package of underwear.


Still trying to figure out what it was.IMG_4360Opening up the brochure.IMG_4363

OH, I get it!! Disney Passes!!!IMG_4369

We got my parents a joint gift- A day at the spa!!IMG_4378

Chunk finally woke up.IMG_4381IMG_4383IMG_4386

After this we went to our annual Christmas at Auntie’s. Remember, its at Auntie Marian’s house, who now strutting her stuff at 101 years of age.


And of course, the Hostess with the Mostess, Auntie Marian.IMG_44665

Bye bye, Santa.


The big surprise for our boys was that we headed over to Disneyland on Christmas Eve, so that when they woke up on Christmas we’d be at the park.

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