Friday, January 25, 2013

Let’s go, lets’ go, let’s go- Christmas, Edition 3

By the time we got our boys in jammies, loaded and unloaded Christmas gifts and drove the 35 miles over to the hotel, it was well past 10pm. Straight to bed we went, well of course after a little gift sprinkling, and making sure Santa had everything situated.

The morning came way TOO fast. The sun was just barely coming up and I tried to snap pictures with everyone throwing me looks. IMG_4479

Santa put Tic Tacs in his stocking and that was all he pretty much cared about.


Tic Tacs were cool until Monkey helped open this gift.IMG_4496IMG_4497

It was an Angry Bird, I was just on the wrong side. IMG_4506



We were on the shuttle from our hotel to Disneyland by 7:35am. Nobody wanted pictures, you’d think they’d never been here before. Mr. Dunbar and I have very different accounts of the morning, I’m just learning.

Anyhow, California Disney is where we started. First up, Fast Passes for Cars Radiator Springs Racers. Then a few rides to hold over the time.IMG_4518IMG_4524

This is Chunk, hiding from the camera.IMG_4535

And then his big, “CHEESE!”


Toy Story Mania, everyone remembered this ride.


They guys are in the purple car on the left, in the back.IMG_4559IMG_4561IMG_4562

Then it was my turn to take these little hooligans back on the ride. IMG_4571IMG_4572IMG_4573IMG_4575IMG_4567IMG_4577

And then I pretty much put the camera away. Here we are leaving the park on the shuttle for nap time. That was the beauty of staying at a hotel. We napped for a few hours, ate dinner, and then went back to the park until 11pm. My guys were troopers.


Thanks for the passes Gramma and Papa!!! The boys love the Mouse.

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Nicolle said...

Boyd would love all of the Cars stuff there!

Oh if life were as simple as getting joy from a box of tic tacs. Don't you just want to be a child again sometimes. :)

Sweet pictures!