Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MOOOve over

Last week the two Littles and I went on a field trip to the Dairy Farm.

Get it… “mooo’ve over”? I crack myself up. IMG_4934

All of those cows are female. Did you know that? I was stunned. Our guide told us that there are 200 females for every one bull. HUH? And then it dawned on me {like 24 hours later} that we were at a dairy farm… bulls don’t produce milk. I had a nice little ah-ha moment to myself. Oh and the cows are artificially inseminated, that bull doesn’t ' have a real harem of cows.


I wanted to take this one (in the below picture) home. His spots were the deepest chocolate brown and he had the biggest endearing eyes ever. But then I remembered that I don’t want to live on a farm. Ever. And I don’t like the way animals smell and they poop… and well all of my thoughts of bringing him home vanished in like a millisecond.IMG_4959IMG_4963IMG_4974IMG_4979IMG_4980IMG_4989IMG_4991

This guy finally let me put him down from the Ergo and then he just ran amuck.


Here they are getting a lesson on how cows are milked. The guide turned on the machine and all I could think about was the darn Medela Breast Pump. It was the same thing for cows, only bigger and for like 80. EEEEKKK.IMG_5007IMG_5008IMG_5016IMG_5019IMG_5020IMG_5024All of the milk from the day before all bottled up and ready to be shipped to markets.


And the fun part for the kids getting to feed more animals. IMG_5038IMG_5040IMG_5041IMG_5042IMG_5045IMG_5047IMG_5048

Fun morning.

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