Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Faves

Lemi Shine

I ran out of this stuff this week and our dishes were horrible. The dishwasher leaves the dishes with a yucky thick white powdery film unless we use this stuff. Genius, I tell ya.


Seventh Generation Bleach: Chlorine Free Bleach

Works as good as the stuff with the chlorine, only without it. And I’ve got a ton of white socks to prove it.

Two of my favorite cleaning products, right in time for the new year.


Eric and Jenny said...

Once I made a trip to Walmart at 11 pm cause I can't handle the way my dishes look without Lemi Shine, love that stuff!

Genn said...

I bought lemi shine after Jenny blogged about it, but I wonder if our water is softer because we never really need it.
But I want that chlorine free bleach! Thanks for sharing that one.

I loved your family Christmas pic! You looked beautiful. Hope your new year is off to a good start!

{cindy} said...

i have seen that lemi shine stuff at target and wondered about it!
now buying it for sure!!:)
i love friday faves kind of post!!
have a happy day