Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hot Topic

Money seems to be a hot topic these days. Or atleast the lack of money seems to be a hot topic.

I don't like the word "budget". I think it should be considered a four-letter word (aka bad word.)

I like to spend money, well I like new things. I do.

When Mr. Dunbar and I got married he put me on a budget. Talk about a source of contension. I was so angry and frustrated. We were on a dual income with no kids and a small house. I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted. ( Because that's how marriage works, right?) Mr. Dunbar stuck to his guns and didn't let me waiver on what money would be allocated where. I was still sore about the whole budget thing. But you know what, it gave me boundaries, it gave him a sense of leadership, and it put money in the bank. Hence, I am at home now. I wish I would have gotten to read this article five years ago.


Anonymous said...

I hate budgeting too :) I started blogging back in August :) I will add you to my bloggy list. Do you know how? I can't figure it out, I barely figured out how to upload pictures :) I am a little computer illiterate :)

Ali said...
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Ali said...

I HATE the word budget as well, no I loathe it! I have NEVER been good at keeping one and I think Jeff gave up a LONG time ago, although with the baby on the way and the new house it is starting to become more real that a budget is necessary. I read the article and felt like such a brat. So, thank you for this post. It really hit home and made me think.

Cathy said...

I'm enjoying going back through your blog this morning (when I should be packing a lunch!). I didn't realize how similiar we are in so many ways! That article is incredible -- I feel like I should copy it and give it alongside Bridal shower gifts. You bless!