Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I loved about Grandpa Elias

Grandpa Elias passed away yesterday morning. He had his wife and all four of his kids by his bedside.

I was told it was peaceful.

I've been keeping myself busy. Busy, busy, busy... its what I do to keep functioning. But I was eating lunch with the boys today and my memories of him kept flashing in my mind.

I loved how my Grandpa would open the door and in his broken english accent say "Who ees theees moooo-veee starrr??" (Who is this movie star?) Every single time I rang the door bell to my grandparents house.

I was also his " Aww-glee g-errrl" (Ugly girl) that pee peed in his car. Hey I was two!!

He would always always buy me a package of saladitos on his 7am run to the store.

No matter how early I got up he would always be sitting in his chair.

I loved hearing the stories about how he and my grandma would put records on the player and dance in the living the room.

My grandpa was a great dancer, always booogying on the dance floor.

I loved how he would wear shorts with dress socks and loafers and his twiggy white legs sticking out.
I love how he always just smelled the same.
I love how he looked at my boys like they were angels.
He was a sentimental man, kind, old school, dedicated... and loving.

I will miss Grandpa Elias.


Christian said...

My step-grandma passed away yesterday too. Very sorry for your loss. I hope blogging all those good memories helped relieve some sadness for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Irene :) It is so hard to loose someone you love. Your family will be in my prayers ;)

Julie McCoy said...

I am so sorry for your loss..

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss but thankful he was surrounded by family.

You wrote a beautiful tribute to him.

Ali said...

Ahhh, so sorry to hear this news. I will pray for your family during this difficult time. It is so nice that you have so many great memories of him. You will cherish those even more now that he is gone.

Anna Cecilia said...

My grandma and grandpa used to like to dance too! Isn't so sweet? My mom says she remembers being a little girl and crawling out of bed every Friday night to welcome my grandma and grandpa back home from a night out dancing! The times were so different back then.