Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lunch Today

I subbed today for one of my closest teacher friends. So it was sad that she wasn't in the lunch room, but I finally got to sit at the tables and just chit chat with my friends. I miss that.
Kim was talking about the seasonal allergies of her son. The other Kim was telling me about the cruise she's going to take. Ali was elated about her new house and sharing about all of her plans... starting with new flooring and paint. Casey was telling us about her snowman mailbox that she just had buiilt. The snowman brick monstrosity that it is was not intentional. She thinks it's hideous.
And I was laughing so hard.
I miss my girl bonding time. I'm glad I have a job of sorts where I can still peek in on their lives and share in their moments and then come home to my life and my men. (Who knows how long this will last.) I've learned to be careful of what I wish for. But this time I am wishing for lasting friendships.

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