Monday, March 1, 2010

Now, Dunbar is Scottish...

But until the Scot's get a holiday, we'll just go with St. Patrick's Day.

Here are a few more pictures of the boys from their March photoshoot.
In this last picture, Monkey was telling me he was a pirate, aargh.

And of course, I have to start out the week with one of my semi- funny stories.
We didn't go to the market this weekend because of all of the stuff going on in our kitchen. So this morning, I loaded up the boys, and we headed to the market, not in a hurry or anything. As I was turning into the parking lot, I realized that I was shaking my foot in and out of my "boot", like you would do with flip flops... wait a minute, you can't do that with boots!?! I looked down only to realize, I had gotten in the car and all the way to the store, wearing my slippers. 
Yeah, you read that right. I went to the market today in my slippers. My only saving grace is that they are in fact Ugg slippers. The oldest pair of Uggs that still reside in my closet. So my toes were covered in sheepskin, and my brain was telling me I had my boots on.
I did come home and make a yummy dinner. Inspired of course, by the green broccoli.

~mrs. dunbar


Cathy said...

Cute Scots, Funny story! Yummy looking dinner :)

{my apple is fake!}

Seizing My Day said...

I have done that! I had a great pair of slippers... until I got a puppy! LOL! they hugged my feet... and sometimes I would accidentally go places in them! I loved those slippers! too funny! Cute pictures! I also love sausage in pasta! what kind do you use?! I currently use an apple chicken sausage! yummy!
Just Jenn~
Little man is better! thank you!

Ali said...

Cute little men, all color coordinated as always. I need to get a few of those hats and snap a few pix since my little guy is a St. Patty's day boy!
Your pasta looks yummy. How'd you make it?

Tawny said...

Very cute St. Patty pictures!
Can't wait to see the pictures of your new kitchen!!!

Sarah said...

Oh yum...we LURVE broccoli in our house! YOur boys are just too adorable with those jeans and ugg boots on! xxx

Martha said...

How least they look like shoes in a way, right? Dinner looks yummy too...and of course love the March photoshoot!

jen@odbt said...

Love their little Uggs. That is a great idea for dinner...we love broccoli here too.

jules said...

I have done that too!!

Are those green bowls on their heads? I love the shot of their little feet. So cute.

On the Bright Side said...

Cute pics, and cute new header! Your story is funny! At least they were uggs. They look close enough to real shoes to pass. Have a great day!

feather said...

great pictures! i love the little matching uggs.
and slippers...i've done that, too. i have to be careful because i've come close to do that too many times (like every day). only i don't have cute ugg slippers. mine are the ugly swirled fake crocs.

Anonymous said...

too funny! your boys are so cute! xo

ps. what camera do you use?

Darlene said...

At the store in slippers.....just too funny. If the rest of you was "together" then who cares? Love it!

The pictures of your boys are adorable.

Have a great day Mrs. Dunbar!

Genn said...

Those pics of your boys are adorable. Love those little green hats.

And too funny about the store and your slippers. I'v done that same thing. With my Ugg slipps too, so if you want to get technical, it is kinda like having your boots on, or flips so I say it's ok!