Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vegas Baby, Days 2 & 3

The kids woke up on the second morning and starting running from room to room.

Zoe branded Bogie with her mark. See below.

IMG_3107  Then she decided to be the Concierge.  She holds the phone like a lady already. IMG_3128

Monkey was bored with that game. He wanted to go do something.

IMG_3114  So we packed the family up and took the monorail down to another hotel to check out fish. Who knew Vegas had so many animal exhibits?IMG_3147  This was the coolest fish in the entire exhibit. He was so bright and blue with a fun personality. Is that possible?IMG_3182

IMG_3196    Another fuzzy family picture.


We had lunch at the Buffett in Mandalay Bay. It was fabulous. We had the best server who didn’t even blink when sodas and juice were spilling, food was dropping, and strollers were in the way. He had five kids. That’s going to be our prevailing question from now on, “Do you have any servers with kids? We’d like to be seated in their section please.”


This time when we walked past the lion in our hotel he was sleeping over the tunnel.

All 550 pounds of it.


After this we headed to the pool for the afternoon, before my BIL and SIL went to to dinner. Mr. Dunbar and I took the kids down to the Food Court with my In-Laws, just for extra man-power.

IMG_3260 Can you find my escape artist in the first picture below?


Then Mr. Dunbar and I headed out for a night on the town. We saw “Ka” a Cirque du Soleil show. It is amazing what those performers can do with their bodies. Afterwards we had Fish and Chips at New York New York.  We were in bed by 11pm.


Day 3

Monkey checking out our souvenir photo from the night before.  

IMG_3321 Laying out by the pool.


Since the boys weren’t able to play all of the “fancy games,”upstairs in the casino,  Mr. Dunbar took them down to the arcade to waste some money and win some prizes.

 IMG_3354 IMG_3355 IMG_3357

And finally, the reason for this whole trip…

Mr. Dunbar’s brother graduated with his Master’s degree in Nursing. He’s now a Nurse Practitioner and can write me prescriptions for Vicodin or something…

IMG_3361 IMG_3372

And because these two always take their picture together…IMG_3376

IMG_3377 IMG_3379 IMG_3380

We had a nice dinner at the Paris Hotel.  (Is that what it’s called? The one with the Eiffel Tower?) I was exhausted and didn’t take one photo. That’s when you know it was time to head home.

And that my friends, is The Dunbar Family Trip of 2010.


Seizing My Day said...

I love the phone picture!! Looks & sounds like fun ~ pools, animal exhibits, great food ~ fish and chips yum! we just had that in Cannon Beach! did I mention pools... ;) Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

I love all of the pictures! Those cheeks are so... pinchable!!

And the kid's arcade? How smart was THAT?

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great family vacation! it looks like you had a wonderful time! i have never been before! have a safe trip home! xo

ps. how did you get your signature over your pictures?

Nancy said...

What fun... I love the picture of the little guy hangin by the pool. Looks like he is waiting for his mai tai to be delivered to him. So cute!

Janna said...

How fun! I like to avoid those "Fancy Games" too and just go straight to the mall with my money. Congrats to Mr. D! Looks like a fun family trip.

jen@odbt said...

Such a fun vacation! I've always wanted to go to Vegas...good to know it has kid friendly spots too.

patty said...

great photos... love the ones of your son on the chaise, the lion sleeping and this last one, of course!

Martha said...

What a fun vacation!!! It looks like you all had a great time and love those photos!