Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Course Meal

So today I thought I would be pro-active and make a nice healthy dinner for the family. I thought I’d include the boys in this project to get them used to being in the kitchen. We started out making strawberry-lemonade.
We washed and pureed the strawberries and juiced the lemons. All was going well until I took out the box of sugar. Both boys wanted to pour it in, which of course means, a struggle started out. Only this one ended with one of my Magic Bullet cups crashing to the floor and of course; cracking. Foul One.
Next up I started making dinner. Cut up onions, sautéed it in in olive oil, braised carrots and then the roast. Transferred the roast to the Crockpot, and continued adding the red wine to help pick up all of the drippings. Started the timer and let the Crockpot do the rest. No foul yet.
I thought I’d bake some apple bread to eat as a yummy, somewhat healthy dessert. The lady at Trader Joes told me its even more scrumptious if I added a crumb topping. Googled that. Prepped it and added it to the top of my bread dough. Only I forgot how much bread dough rises. And with butter and brown sugar on top… I was watching it, praying please don’t spill over…
Too late. My oven was a disaster. IMG_3774
Ninety percent of that crap on the bottom of my oven came from the apple bread. I kept trying to wipe it off, hoping it wouldn’t rise and bubble anymore and that darn thing just kept rising, bubbling, and spilling out. Foul two.
After an hour of running to the oven because I could smell more burnt disaster, I decided to check on the roast. It was at this point I discovered that in my haste earlier I had set it to “Warm”, not “High.” Who puts these controls together? Off, Low, High and then Warm?? I just turned the knob all the way to the right without actually reading it. AGH!!!           Foul three.
So my men ended up eating.  IMG_3778
If you look closely in the upper right hand corner it says it can be ready in 5 minutes.
This was about as much as I could handle at this point.
And you thought I was going to show you some gourmet meal, didn’t you?
~mrs. dunbar


carissa said...

hey, cheers to the best intentions!!! : )

Cathy said...

I've always felt a little guilty because I didn't let my kids help me in the kitchen with meals...but your post (which could have been written by me back then) is why! The other day I let our 11 year old make Irish Tea Cake and he wouldn't read and follow the recipe -- arghhh :)

jen@odbt said...

Props to you getting the boys involved in the kitchen. I'm sorry dinner didn't work out. At least you had options, I'd probably end up ordering take out.

Janna said...

Oh my goodness. Sounds like a typical day in my kitchen. You know what they say about good intentions? Well, that proves true about 50% of the time when it comes to me in the kitchen.

Mrs. C... said...

Ha!!! I love it!!! Little chefs you are creating. My little darlings still love the kitchen and help with as much as they can handle. WE hit a milestone when Bub made his own eggs this morning. Not your fav I realize, but still the boy was cooking and ate it all on his own.

Tawny said...

Okay, even after all the "fouls", what a fun dinner and getting the kids involved! Looks better than what I make...probably because I don't make anything lately :( I will be asking you for some yummy recipes once school is out :)

Ali said...

Ahhh, what good intentions you had. How frustrating!!! Hey at least you DID whip something up in the end. I think I would have left the mess and made Jeff run out for some take out.

Seizing My Day said...

I love using red wine with my red meat ~ roast, stew, etc. I love it in my seafood spaghetti too... hm...


I am SO sorry!! been there. done that.
ALL TOO OFTEN!! he he!

Love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!! saves the day every time... unless you are out of milk!


Anonymous said...

you poor thing! you deserve a dinner out!!! i am sure they loved it! xo

patty said...

too funny! sorry about the disasters! listen, this is my mom's trick. she puts a strip of foil on the bottom of the oven and just leaves it there. only if you end up with a mess do you have to change it. works great, especially with sticky, gooey stuff like pie fillings and toppings!!