Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its almost here…

Summer. I can feel it. I can almost touch it… I can’t wait.
Here in SoCal school doesn’t let out until the second week of June. But last week I spent some time signing the boys up for swim lessons (that Monkey is adamant he doesn’t need,) some extra activities, and coordinating play dates and excursions. It’s going to be a good summer here.
Well we pretended like it was summer this weekend and headed out to the beach. A beach I spent many a summer at. Every time we drive through the entrance I feel like I’m twelve years old and Nicole got to spend the weekend with us. Isn’t it weird, no matter how many times you do something as an adult, if it was a good (even great memory) as a kid, you can still get that same giddiness?  And the same experiences...
Dads playing horseshoes on the sand.
Boys digging holes in the sand. IMG_3829
These guys trying to surf on a boogie board.
IMG_3853  IMG_3855
 My boys did not want to come home, especially since their buddies were staying. So next time I’m just going to leave them there.
Summer we can’t wait for you. We are getting geared up.
~mrs. dunbar

And because I just don’t want to forget, music is over until the fall.
But the Monkey had a great time on this go round.
IMG_3734 IMG_3731
As did Bogie.


Cathy said...

Alright, your blog is getting so spiffy it's amazing! Glad you had a fun weekend making more memories ;)

feather said...

i am a firm believer that summer should begin with memorial day. how hard is it to get back at it this morning? i just feel lazy and unstructured already!
i'm so jealous of your sand and surf pictures. such beauty!

Janna said...

I'm so ready for summer too. I need to summerize my house and add some fun color. Your photos are amazing and I am IN LOVE with your new header.

Mama Goose said...

This weekend got me in the mood too for summer. The weather was hotter but the pool is still cold, dang it!! Great pics of the beach and I love your new header!

Genn said...

Hi Irene!
Love your new summery header. Super cute. Looks like a fun beach day. I love taking my kids to places that hold lots of great memories to me as a kid too. It seems so fun and it does take you back and makes you feel like a kid again.

Seizing My Day said...

*sigh* I love love the beach! How am I going to get my husband to understand my NEED to live closer to a warmer state ~ near the beach!! ha ha! don't get me wrong ~ I love our few trips a year to Cannon Beach ~ but a little further south would be so lovely! he he! just sayin... =)

Love love the reflection picture ~ SO cool!

Summer is so close I can smell it! =) can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i totally understand! i have lived here all of my life, its all i know! so, there are many places that remind me of younger years! and songs! i love to hear an old song and just remember what i was doing when that song was popular! fun! lovin the pix of your cuties!

Katie said...

OH what a great new header you have and those pictures just make me want to squish my toes in the warm so cal beach sand! You guys sound like you have a great summer ahead of you, Enjoy!

Nic B. said...

Aww, good memories. Did you get your hair cut on the beach by a 13-year old? Or warm up with a little peach schnapps? Hee hee.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm a total summer freak, so I'm right here with you! Bring it on!

LOVE the photos. :)

Ali said...

What fun that beach is!!! I was so sad as we packed up and pulled out the previous weekend. I'd love to spend weeks there during the summer and see why the Salinas family does. It is so relaxing and slow paced. That's nice for a change. Great memories are also created.
BTW, I LOVE that the boys are in music. I hope K is musical!!

patty said...

love the beach pics {but then, i always do !} & your boys look so sweet w the violin!