Sunday, June 13, 2010

School’s Out for the Summer

Well the school year finally ended for all the kids in our area. Monkey had his end of the year performance. He rocked the show. Literally, this kid is going to be a rock star. IMG_4047 copy
We could hear him the entire time from our seats. It was great. He’ll be returning to pre-school for one more year. He’ll be DUCK. He is so excited about, even though he only wants to go for like “two weeks, and then I can go to kindergarten, okay?” Sure, Monkey.
IMG_4052 copy
I sent my dad to take pictures from the other side, up close and this is what he came back with.
Can you even find Monkey?  Aw, well, I thought it was funny. IMG_4069b
Here’s to a great sunny Sunday.
And the start to an awesome Summer 2010.
mrs. dunbar


Darlene said...

Sweet pictures. Ahhhh, don't you just love thinking about summer days? I do!

So glad that Bogie's all better, too. I had a similar experience with IV's with my oldest and it wasn't pretty. Why can't they just bring the infrared thing in immediately to save these poor kids from such pain and agony? If only we were running this world.

Have a great day!

West Hill Heritage said...

Love the pics -
Have fun this summer